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    Argument with Guitarist over time signature

    I play in a number of bands currently. One band we are learning new songs, and one song has a rather tricky intro which I can't play well so I am improvising at the moment. The guitarist has queried it and I explained I can't play 6/8 time double bass at 260 bpm, with quarter note ride/snare...
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    Getting another snare. But which one

    I currently own two snare drums. A Sonor 14 x 4 Lite (Birch), which has loads of attack and volume, is dry so great for recording but the tone sits perfectly for cutting through live. I have a Tama 14 x 8 Bubinga which is the same but has massive mids and lows which gives me something different...
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    I don't have a problem with peoples opinions

    I really don't, in fact I don't really care as long as they aren't phobic based, racist etc. And as for opinions on internet forum well well come on. But having said that I think I will go back to lurking on here as reading some of the posts recently has taken some gloss off this forum for me...
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    Does anyone else think of all cymbals as rides

    I have a 19 z China which I play trad way up, a 19 z custom crash, 17 k custom and 17 A plus my 21 mega bell, but when I'm thinking through drum parts for new songs I see all 5 cymbals as rides and use them as such. I also have 2 splashes and use them plus the k as my main crashes. I find myself...
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    20 year old clip

    LOL I found some footage from 1992 which is twenty years ago of me playing in a punk band, it's at a show in Germany somewhere - Saarbruken I think. I have put on about three stone since then, still got no hair and can't play any better :0
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    Counting 21 16th

    Should I be counting 5 bars and a no as in 1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a 4 e and a 5 e and a no, 1 e and a etc Or 3 bars of 5 16 and one bar of 6 16
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    SONOR Slotted Lugs - UK supplier

    Anyone know of a UK or Euro supplier for SONOR slotted lugs. I need some 60mm and 65mm replacements. Snapped a lug on my Lite Piccolo. I am advised that the Sonor Tension rods are almost 1/4-20 thread, but they are exactly 6mmX1.25mm metric thread, so M6 x 1.25mm (60mm and 65mm). Standard...
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    Which Hi Hats?

    I've pretty much got my kit layout sorted but need to add some Hi Hats. I'm playing in two bands at the moment a Black Metal band which includes blast beats, thrash, lots of double work but also groovy funky verse work. Then a HC Punk outfit but not mega quick more mid tempo Black Flag meets...
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    Drummers wivies partners husbands

    I saw the richest drummer thread but what about drummers partners, do we attract beauty. Well let's start with Omar Hakim here is Rachel Z.
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    Z3 how do they compair to Z custom

    I am looking at a brand new Z3 21 inch Mega Bell ride but have also seen a 2nd hand Z custom 21 inch Mega Bell ride, they are both priced exactly the same. The Z3 is in a sale so a bargain price. I have had a Z custom 20 inch rock ride in the past and liked it a lot. I am playing mostly cross...
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    Your biggest gaff playing live?

    Many years ago I had a really cheap drum throne, and in the middle of a song during a stop I stupidly stood up for effect and when I sat down my throne had fallen over unknown to me. You can imagine the rest of the story.......
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    Sonor Lite 14 x 4 snare

    This is my snare of choice and I've owned it 19 years. Used it in lots of different bands from blue to Death metal. Who's got one or had one I'd be interested in your opinions. What did you move onto if you didn't like it etc. Or any other random comments.