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    Best music documentaries

    I recently saw Nina Simone's documentary on Netflix and loved loved it. Would love to get immersed in documentaries similar to it. What are your guys recs?
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    Favorite Songs?

    Shape of my heart was such a great song in The Professional
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    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Saw Massive Attack last week and it was awesome! highly rec if theyre playng in your area
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    The old Drummerworld

    This this link:*/
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    Expeience at a small music store.

    I've been to local speciality drum shops and they've been awesome. However , I feel like local mom and pop music stores focus more on guitars and pianos and our instrument gets a lot less love. I try my best to support if i can though
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    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium on Tuesday, the day after Labor day. will anyone else be there?
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    Youtube Videos

    Nice video! :)
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    Great grooves to work on

    try some of these. Love Tristan Kelly's IG page and all the beats he does
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    Food Before the Gig

    protein bars, banana, and a lot of water. Don't want to risk any type of potential stomache-aches and/or gassiness :)
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    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Let us know how it is! Sounds awesome
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    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Billy Cobham should be epic!
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    Peter Frampton Tour 2019

    I took a history of rock and roll class back in college and my professor, who was a part of the Disco band Chic at one point, brought Peter Frampton as a special guest. He was awesome and a super nice guy. Glad you enjoyed his show!
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    Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

    CL is definitely a hit or miss. I always try to make it as convenient as possible for me to make a sale. I now never drive more than 3-5 minutes for a transaction when im the seller. I've had too many horror stories where the buyer flaked and i drove 20-30 minutes.
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    Pic of yourself My Linkedin Pic!
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    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    I figure that everyone here is an avid music lover like myself, so im curious to see which concerts everyone has lined up this year. As for myself, I am going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium and potentially Camp Flog Gnow and The National/Alvvays with the wife. I'm based in LA What...