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    Are you performing with a facemask?

    My band is booked May-September at an outdoor amusement park, and we are required to wear facemasks even when singing. The sax player may slip his mask down when playing but has to put it on when not playing his horn. The stage is very large, about six feet above the open air dance floor. These...
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    Snare vs practice pad

    Nowadays most of my technique practice is done on a snare drum. My feet almost always play some sort of ostinato no matter what I’m working on. If I want lower volume or less rebound I do all my snare practice with brushes drum or table.
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    Great stuff ! My daughter learned rhythm structures in a similar manner when she four years old in her Suzuki violin lessons.
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    "Pad Book"

    I had never heard of Anika Nilles but she is without a doubt a formable practitioner of our art form. Thank you Jazzerrooty for bringing her to our attention.
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    Aging out

    So my poor mother in law had full blown Alzheimer's by age 60. She had know idea of the time, day, year, where she was, or even who family and friends where. But we'd sing and play her favorite songs and she would know the lyrics and melody.
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    Aging out

    Dear Commander Ross, I wouldn't worry about missing some starts and stops so much. If you have good time and groove, you will be adding to the ensemble. Maybe make some notes/charts, and listen to the tunes, practice, practice and practice the material. Look at the set list ahead of time and...
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    Mounting blocks and bells

    I use LP clamps. The cowbells mount on the bass drum and the synthetic wood block goes on my snare. I used this set up when playing with salsa/cumbia bands.
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    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    Wow, you sound a lot like me. My degrees are in music performance, music education, and I did the state certification training too. I found out that I really don't like teaching most students music, even though I love music more than anything. I now teach Spanish, and only a few select private...
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    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    On a side note, I got a call from a grandfather that wants his grand kids to do drum lesson with me. they are age 2, 3, and 5. I referred him to a university professor I know that specializes in early childhood music. I have so much admiration for those that that work effectively with little...
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    I don’t like teaching little kids.

    I know Ph'D specialize in early childhood music, they've done tons of research and learning to teach any age group, especially kids takes a lot of thought beyond just the drumming part. Perhaps look into methodologies like Sukuki, and Orff ; And...
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    how long have you been playing the drums?

    44 years and still so much to learn and improve.
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    Revisiting Jim Chapin's book

    Absolutely! I remember enjoying that book ( The Drummers Cookbook) as a kid in the 70's. My copy is long lost now but I really need to get a new one for nostalgic purposes.
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    Revisiting Jim Chapin's book

    Yes, no doubt about that! He loved drumming and would go out his way to help any drummer.
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    Revisiting Jim Chapin's book

    It is a classic for sure, but in my opinion there are much better resources available now. This one comes to mind.
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    Easy songs for cover band drummer to sing lead. 60s, 70s or 80s

    No shame in transposing the song down a bit