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    nervous about the first drum lesson

    Look for someone that can help you with your hand technique and basic fundamentals. I’m sure their lots of very good teachers in Germany but they might not be in your area. Be ready to travel a bit if necessary or maybe you could do some sort of combination of in person and remote ( Zoom ...
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    How can I improve my marching snare skills?

    Congrats Howsaro for making the snare line as a freshman! The same thing happens to me forty years ago! I did all four years of high school marching band, and although I never went to college band or DCI, I’m really I did at at high school marching. It helped provide a solid foundation, for...
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    What's the Best Do-Everything Paiste Ride Cymbal?

    24” seems awfully big for a “ do everything “ ride cymbal, but I understand larger cymbals are very popular now.
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    Alfredo Golino

    I happen to be in Italy now. I’ll look him up!
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    Jazz “ Left Side” cymbals

    I think a 20 inch crash/ ride would serve you well.
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    Anyone have any experience with Matt Gartska's video lessons?

    No, but if you do, I for one , would love to hear about your experience. Good luck!
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    I can reach most of the tempos after a few tries , but I have not really tried to go beyond. The exercises in the book to seem to be more about control than speed. I think they’d be very valuable even playing them at half the recommended speed.
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    21" or 23" A. Zildjian Sweet Ride?

    I like big cymbals but space is a significant consideration for the mostly small places i play at.
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    Good Recordings of Portraits in Rhythm

    This gentleman has done some very nice work:
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    Good Recordings of Portraits in Rhythm

    Hi, I found that I like playing along to YouTube recordings of snare drum pieces, I try to read through them 3 times at 50%, 75% and then normal speed. Rick Dior has done the Wicoxon books and the Mitch Peters book among others. I don't think he's done the whole Portraits in Rhythm book. I...
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    Whats Your Latest Practice ?

    I am on a vacation of sorts, so I can't make much noise in the hotel, but I did work out of the Gaddiments book with brushes on a on the brush surface of my pad. I am finding the exercises in the book are a great source for the study of control and doing them with brushes, requires even more...
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    Need a ride and crash for church gig

    It’s a large chuches, each drum has a mic, and there are two overhead mics. Also the kit is behind plexiglass.
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    Good modern kit for funk/soul sound?

    I have a 1963 Slingerland and I just put modern Yamaha tom holder on it and bass drum spurs. I know some would frown on doing such a thing, but functionality is important to me.
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    Need a ride and crash for church gig

    Hi! The church I am working at has given me the go ahead to look into new cymbals. They currently have 18 Sabian AAX which is cracked (not my fault!) and another 20 Sabian B, which is sort of OK, but it's kind of pingy and not very crashable. The band does contemporary praise and worship...
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    Dream Cymbals

    They are sold through Guitar Center, which has a forty day return policy. Try em' out and report back!