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    Sina Doering

    @Alejandro Corona it’s so easy for some to judge and critics comfortably sit in front of their computer. Kudos to Sina again, no, she’s not Senri or Sarah... she is Sina!!
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    Is my Supreme MIJ chrome or steel? Anyway, almost exclusively using this one lately. I have pricier ones (Ludwig, Tama) but come back to this one...
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    Am I the only one who thinks bass drums should be at least 22"?

    Could not probably gig with my Catalina 18 inches, unless miked. But I do not gig, home studio only...
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    Sina Doering

    And yes, really love Sara Thawer too... Wow!
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    Sina Doering

    It’s time for women to take a little bit more space on the musical scene. Why, oh why, it’s always a game of comparison (Sarah Tawer is better than Sina, bla, bla, bla...). Maybe yes, maybe no... In what way, what style, context! Sina is an example for my young students, so what! Here in...
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Bill Bruford: mix of jazz/prog influences, he has his own sound and feel, my opinion obviously! Joe Morello: so musical! Ringo Starr: drummer that serves music. Less is more, tasty!
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    It's been a while I didn't use the Ed Thigpen ride but I tried it once with the Bliss (Bliss used as a crash). However, the volume of the Crystal ride is quite limited. Not sure I would use it with my 22 old Avedis... It's really a ride for soft jazz but I think you already know it. Sorry if I...
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    Most Underrated Snare Drums

    I have a cheap Supreme well tuned with new heads and new strainer and wires: well, wow!
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    My cat has been 'marking my drum set....

    One of my cats did it on my brand new Nektar 88 key controller two years ago, not fun. I had to remove a lot of the keys, cleaned carefully the inside. In the process, I've destroyed one of the springs and had to explain the situation to a Nektar rep. They sent me a full bag of replacement...
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    Sina Doering

    Great, she looks confident and has good timing. And she plays what the song needs, no less, no more. I present her playing once or twice a month to my young students (5 to 11 years old).
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    Zildjian New Beat - no stamp!

    Feeling like an 😜... Bought an Avedis ride last July and I swore it had the stamp: looked around and didn't found it... because I was looking under and not on the top! So, looking at the top of the hats, stamp is there, false alert 🚨. Made in Canada BTW so it means before ´79 right? Patrice
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    Deformed cymbal edge, a problem?

    Beware, thread necro! Bought an Avedis ride 22 inch from the 70's in July: only noticed now a slight warp on the edge. Maybe the ride hit something (concrete, fall on the floor, ???). It could be that this particular one was like this since a number of years as I've bought it from the nephew of...
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    The First Kit You Got

    Winter 2014, took a walk with my girlfriend and what I've found in the curb: 18 inch bass drum missing a spur, the front head and hoop, punctured batter head, a hi-hat stand with 12 inch unbranded crap cymbals, snare stand and Dixon kick drum pedal. It was an MIJ remnant and I added a cheap...
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    The 2nd kit you had

    Mapex Voyager 5 years ago, used. Scimitar hats (yuk!), Orion crash-Ride (re-yuk!) and some Sabian manhole cover ride (learnt not long ago that it is a dry rock ride or something similar). The hardware is so-so: stand for ride is skinny, pedal was creaking but hi-hat and snare stands were ok...
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    Sabian Fusion Hi hats 13"

    Zildjian Quick Beats have 4 holes: