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    Tama Star Walnut

    Vintage Sea Blue.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Final Snare Purchase.....Simon Phillips 40th anniversary. 6.5”x14” 6ply Maple, Walnut,Maple.
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    Tama Star Walnut

    Very Pleased and Happy with the snare. 😀😎
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    Tama Star Walnut

    Hopefully it’s not that long of a wait. I ordered a Star Walnut kit back in late September, but due to the Canadian distributor losing their contract with Hoshino, the order wasn’t placed until the first week of January, and Hoshino USA who’s the current distributor, hasn’t provided a timeline yet.
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    Tama Star Walnut

    I have the Starphonic Brass Snare (bought it a couple of weeks ago), and I‘m not very articulate in describing things, so here’s a link to the snare. I have mine in the medium tuning range.
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    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    It Depends, I’ve bought some used gear that is in Mint Condition, and You’d never know it was Used. Aside from that, I buy new for the reasons C.M. Jones mentioned.
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    I Bleed Coffee 🤪
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    Retailers don’t unpack items and inspect them, and in Sweetwaters case, someone just opened the box to put their items in and resealed it. It’s the factory’s job to QC the product(s) before shipping. Apparently the workers at the China factory don’t give a damn. Pearls response is disappointing...
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    It’s unbelievable that kit made it out of the factory. I would be so bold as to contact Pearl Nashville as mentioned (keeping Sweetwater in the loop) and ask for a Midtown kit WITH some flat based hardware. Pearl may agree to that, after seeing the horrid condition of the roadshow kit.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Tama Starphonic Brass 6”x14”.
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    Tama Starclassic Performer (birch/maple) vs. All Maple

    Tama StarClassic Walnut/Birch. Great low end plus attack.
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    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    THIS ⬆️
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    If you had a Drum Shop Credit?

    Tama StarClassic in Vintage Blue Sparkle and pay the difference.
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    Lyrics you just got wrong

    Steely Dan FM Proper Lyrics: Give her some funked up muzak, she treats you nice Feed her some hungry reggae, she'll love you twice. Everytime I hear the first line: Give her some ‘Phucked’ up music, she treats you nice....
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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    I’m a Nay on that one, as Much as it’s an SQ2. I’d end up wrapping it.