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    Meet The Bass Player

    Meet The Bass Player I stumbled onto this CD while surfing through some older threads. I had been looking for some bass lines to play along with, so for a few bucks I downloaded the tracks. I really dig it and although I’ve only had it for a week or so, I’m quite pleased with it. It is...
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    Mastering the Tables of Time

    Someone referenced this book in a post earlier this week. I am not familiar with it, so I looked it up. It has some glowing reviews, called a "future classic," but I tend to not believe everything I read on-line, so I'm reaching out to the group. Any comments on it? Does anyone work out of...
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    Saw Steve Gadd last night

    He's touring with James Taylor. They were in Phoenix. Wow, great presence without over-powering the rest of the band. He just makes everything look so easy. Of course JT's voice isn't the same as it was in his younger days, but it was a good show. I was entertained.
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    Do your hands ache when you stop playing for a while

    The family's from back east and I'm in Phoenix, so I get a lot of extended winter visitors. My mother has been here for a couple of weeks and has been camped out in my drum room. Needless to say, I haven't been playing for this short while - not the kit or the pad. Possibly, as a result, my...
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    Replacing the lugs on Ludwig Standard shells

    So I have these 3 ply Ludwig Standards and got the idea to replace the Standard/Rocker lugs with Large Classic lugs. Is there any benefit to this concerning the sound of the drum? Tuning? Or would it be purely cosmetic? There seems to be plenty of them out on eBay and I could also buy new...
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    Tuning the modern drum

    Got a questions for you guys that are older than dirt (like me) or anyone that has experience with both older and newer drums. Has advancements in manufacturing processes improved the ability to tune a modern drum and keep it tuned longer as opposed to more older, vintage drums? While my...
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    Are Ludwigs "just too darn loud?"

    I've begun looking for a new kit and volume is one of my key criteria. Is there really a substantial volume difference between manufactures or even different lines or construction from the same vendor? I have often heard and read that Ludwig just makes loud drums. Let me start by saying, my...
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    Linear playing of jazz comp’ing and the ride pattern

    Hello DW, Got a question for the jazz folks. Every beginner jazz drumming book preaches that the jazz ride pattern is paramount. It should be solid along with 2 and 4 on the high hat in order to provide the timing. But what does this mean? Does it mean that all six notes of the basic...
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    Matching old Zildjians with new ones

    I’m looking for a new set of crashes. I want to stay with Zildjian. Let me explain. I have some old Zildjian cymbals. I got them in the mid 70’s. The crash is shot, but the hats and ride are great. The last word that I would use to describe them is Bright or Lite. I don’t even know what...
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    Are skype lessons effective?

    The title says it all. Are Skype lessons effective? I need a one-on-one instructor/mentor/coach, but can't seem to find one locally in the East Valley of Phoenix. So, I have been thinking of trying to do it online. I am not interested in joining a web site, I would rather develop a...
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    Ludwig Atlas tom mount

    I just finished refurbishing a 20" Ludwig Standard 3 ply bass drum I found on eBay. Its a virgin and am looking for ways to mount the tom. I have seen the threads that discuss snare stands vs cymbal stands as a solution to mounting the tom, but haven't seen any talk on this as an option. FYI...
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    ART MP/C stand alone tube preamp/compressor

    I have been thinking of experimenting with an ART mp/c tube preamp/compressor combo and am curious if anyone has an opinion or some experience (good or bad) with this box. It looks good to me for around 100 bucks. Background: I am a hobby drummer – not gigging or recording. I have my kit...
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    Russ Kunkel

    I’ve always had this unwritten list of what I consider good drum songs in my head. These aren’t “in your face,” chops driven songs, but lighter singer/songwriter stuff. The best way I can describe it, is songs where the drummer is doing more than just the groove and fills, but is still in the...
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    Shure vs AKG

    I'm starting to play around with mic'ing up my kit. I just got a Zoom R16 and am now looking at mics. I'm planning to start with the kick and based on price and reviews have narrowed it down between the Shure Beta-52A and the AKG D112 MK11. Both of these have pretty good reviews and fall in...
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    Zoom R16

    I’m interested in mic’ing up my kit and have read great things about the R16. My objective is to go with a four mic configuration with two condenser overheads and dynamic spot mic’s on the bass and snare – basic stuff - and I would like extra channels for guests. I really like gear that is...