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    Customizing your kit

    I have Ludwigs, but on the floor toms I have Premier legs and Pearl rubber isolation feet. I also put a Premier die cast rim on top of a black & white badge 6.5x14 Ludwig brass snare drum. My double tom mount is Tama. These were done for reasons of better utility and or sound, not just for kicks.
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    Rooms/stages that you've played

    I set up in a 16,500 sq.ft. ballroom late at night at a former job and got fired for it. It was totally worth it.
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    A little original lo-fi Brit-pop/surf punk

    I like it lot, well done!
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    Looks like I'm not alone with these. Of the Paistes I own: - Giant Beat 24", 20", 18" - 2002 15" SoundEdge hats - 505 20" Ride (paid $35 used, maximum sound value, so I gotta list it.)
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    Recommendations for kick heads

    As a kick reso head, I'm using a ported Fiberskyn with a coated PS3 batter. I've also used a ported smooth white Ambassador as a reso with the PS3 and sound-wise, I didn't find much difference. I'm able to dial-in the same tone in both cases if that helps you at all...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    The seething violence of those tom arms! And yet I cannot look away... 😛
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    15" deep toms?

    I had a Premier Projector series kit that had a 15" deep x16"FT. It it was great. It had plenty of growl. (It was paired with a 16 deep x18 FT.) No real difference between that and a 16x16 FT, but I don't know about a 15x18..
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    This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...

    It's like something out of Road Warrior.
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    Zildjian- vintage vs newer

    Even though they were huge and awful, I regretted de-inking some of the older Sabian logos. I couldn't get the stains out, I think I underestimated the amount of patina already on the cymbal.
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    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    Options are nice to have. Enjoy your new kit!
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    Remo roto tom set

    Years ago I had 16" and 18" RotoToms, but didn't have the hardware to mount them. After several moves they are no longer with me. I made a mistake somewhere along the line.
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    Total noob looking for advice.

    That looks to be in good shape. I sure wish I had Yamaha hardware like this when I started out. Good stuff.
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    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    I play a 20" kick without a riser and I'm happy with the sound I'm getting. It's also nice not having another piece of hardware to keep up with. I did use a riser with an 18" kick for a while, so I've dealt with them before.
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    I had one of these, great cymbal. I wish I still had it.
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    Stick Experimentation Disease?

    Interesting, I also keep coming back to the Vater Sugar Maple 5B as a go-to stick for the past 15 years or so. I also like the VF Akira Jimbo sig sticks, but they're completely different thing all together.