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    3 things to remember before every gig.

    1. Have fun and enjoy this. You're lucky to be here. 2. Relax (which comes a lot easier after #1). 3. Connect with the audience whenever possible and in the process of doing #1 & #2 above.
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    Butt kicker anyone??

    It might help if I would build a small rack/table with wheels & handle that would contain the amp (at bottom because it's heavy), the throne seat with kicker, my mics & cables, wired Rolls iem amp, tablets, etc. Right now, those are 3-4 separate items to carry. I could use the rack as a...
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    Butt kicker anyone??

    Both of these. I have one and really like to use it. It's fun as sh*t! But since going fully mic'd and with IEM's in the last couple of years, sadly I leave it at home most gigs. It's heavy, the throne seat has to be carried/loaded separately, the amp is heavy and it's just one more hook up...
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    This may be an unpopular post, but it's relevant to consider that the parents raised the children. That doesn't make them fully responsible for how their adult children behave in the world but it's certainly a significant relevant factor.
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    Tell me about Paiste cymbals

    Yes! This. I just replaced my 1977 22" Zildjian ride with Paiste Signature 33" Full Ride. Brought my Zildjian to the shop and did a side-by-side with the Paiste and lack of "gonginess" was the main difference. Additionally, especially on the crashes, Paiste sounds a bit more "glassy".
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    Tell me about Paiste cymbals

    I was a die hard old school Zildjian guy forever. Did an audition about 5 years ago on a studio kit that had Paiste Signature Full Crashes. OH MY those sounded good! My full cymbal set up now is Paiste and has been fore several years.
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    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    My wife is German. Coincidentally and slightly helpful, I took one year of German in high school. I'm definitely NOT fluent. But I remember enough words and have learned a very slight amount more that when she's talking to family on the phone or they visit, I get the general gist of what the...
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    Anyone travel with a drum riser?

    You'd need 4 of these: Pricey though. There's one guy in a frequently gigging local band that uses these. Too much to haul for me.
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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    Email list is some of our most effective and direct gig marketing. That said, SM is a key and necessary component of our marketing presence. SM is not going away it just shifts between providers.
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    Who uses 13" hats?

    Played a pair of Paiste Dark Crips 13's for a year on a kit in the practice studio. Someone else's kit & hats. Didn't like them - too weak, not enough beef when you want it.
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    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?

    Thank you. This is awesome! And, it's in-line with what I'm experiencing which tells me I'm on the right track: Keeping it simple, focus on good note placement with lots of space.
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    Using the Cymbal Collection

    A very, very little bit maybe. But other than specialty cymbals (splash, China, etc.) do cymbal sounds differentiate that much between musical styles, venue, etc? For me, I have found that I've settled in on my favorite cymbal sound and fit that into whatever I play (again, other than the...
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    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?

    This might be a slight hi-jack diversion but I would love to hear about the specifics of your changes in feel. I'm just recently making the same transition and am curious about your experience and what it might reach me about my own.
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    Using the Cymbal Collection

    Like most of us, over time I've gathered up a collection of cymbals & hats buying here & there for differing sounds that I really liked. But I've found that nearly always I gig out with the same favorite set. I don't end up using and customizing certain cymbals for certain gigs or bands. I...