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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    I'll play! 1) Advanced techniques for the modern drummer - Chapin is the man! I respectfully consider this very good as a beginning point. Some think it is purely jazz/ is not. 2) New Breed - yay Gary Chester...something I think of as, at least, intermediate...but really, depends on...
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    NEED TIPS: Learning Drums By Ear

    careful of 'black page migraines'...worse than ice cream headaches as they last longer. ...and yes, this is a necro post...but resurrection IS divine! ; )
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    NEED TIPS: Learning Drums By Ear

    I have to hear the music before i can document it. Practice charting anything and everything each day and that practice will train your ability to hear. I do suggest reviewing your work against any existing charts...and making your own before looking at others. A wonderfully enlightening...
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    Are YouTube videos helping to create an ADD society?

    I'm not so sure the average youth attention span IS lower than in the past. I have yet to see a study support it...I look forward to anyone who can cite such a thing! Elders tend to have more practice so I think we see those with less practice as deficient as opposed to ourselves being more...
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    I tend to find that positive feedback from average listeners is more of an attempt to join in the fun...and I try to accept their comments in that light and formally invite them into the festivities.
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    Positive effects of negative feedback

    I tend to find positive feedback almost useless based on the source...and negative feedback just as unreliable if not ego driven. This is why we hire get reliable and usable feedback.
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    Great art comes from great pain

    Anyone consciously trying to wrest art from someone by hurting them in any way should be removed from the gene pool immediately. Im not so sure better art comes from pain...but common understanding of the emotion portrayed does...seems more a statement of the horrid state of humanity in...
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    This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...

    ive been guilty of mounting a finger cymbal on top of my HH rod...but any weight that really effects the movement of the HH really turns me off.
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    heel toe - help

    As assistance to OP... I try to practice both rrll rrll and rlrl rlrl...and be able to switch between.
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    Hey Rush Fans...

    I hope, if they do this, they approach it as a new thing...and ignore their own hype...and desire to tap into their previous fame...I bet they could surpass what they have done as they have grown so much...but only if they find joy in it.
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    RIP Chick Corea

    I always though Chic would have been great with Hendrix....
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    Hey Rush Fans...

    I'd vote Gavin Harrison...he seems the closest to composing parts that are inventive yet stay out of the way of the songs movement...many others I have heard proposed have a hard time staying out of the way of a song. I think a newly intro'ed drummer would be more fun. I hope they avoid the...
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    Discussion: Worst song you've played

    I want to hate...hate like there is no tomorrow...denigrate anything slightly off-putting and lay waste to its origin in an orgy of bile filled rage that leaves nothing touched with a sense of decency! ...ohhh, kitten videos....
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    Is (insert favorite drummer here) better than (insert alternative well known drummer / icon here) ?

    I think its easy to forget how overwhelming the sheer volume of content was when starting out. As we start playing it is comfortable to be able to quiet the noise and concentrate on a couple voices that we call 'favorite'. Like a stick we become specific to an appealing azimuth and declare it...
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    RIP Chick Corea

    No...just ...NO I swear, if we lose another institution of a person in short order I swear...I'M gonna lose it! My heart goes out to all of the great musicians given a chance by this legend.