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    Mic'd Up Home Kits

    We must practice the ineffables, such as micing, if we want to deliver at recording or larger venue playing. Wish I had a large area to play in to practice arena type settings...but I doubt I will have a need at this point : )
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    Meeting Uncle Larry

    Nice shout out! Larry, you are one of a kind!
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    Gear red flag.

    Per my experience, that's an 'I'm an addict' red flag. Never leave such a person alone with anything you are concerned about losing.
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    Metal and Hard Rock Drummers Who Use Single Kick Pedals

    Pushing your playing forward over the years will involve doing things you are not immediately comfortable with. Further, assessing your own playing independent of passive aggressive morons who think they are 'harder' than you because they use specific hardware is manditory. Develop yourself as...
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    I found that I was chasing someone else's sound...once i realized that I started asking myself how I want to sound...and adjusted accordingly. I'm pretty sure I could find someone else that I sound like in playing, tuning, instrument selection, etc...but then it would be more accidental instead...
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    Will binder clips hurt my kick drum hoops?

    You folks don't just memorize it by reading through it once? I am disillusioned! ...wait...isn't this what music stands are for? ; )
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    No More Drums

    I'm inspired that, through all of that, you are here with us! Respect!
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    Shoulder rebuild questions..

    Glad it was smooth Icetech...take care and vent anytime!...I can only imagine the frustration.
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    Session on Friday

    A studio to return to!
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    No More Drums

    You folks ever have a hard time concentrating because you are concerned you are irritating those in your house? I did.
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    no-way...last time I really asked myself that and started digging around I changed how I set up my set and changed my whole pulse. Don't need that expense and aggravation again! My sound is now mine...all mine.
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Happy 21st Birthday Gavin... ; ) I lift a pint to you and your wonderful musical works!
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    I tried to leave drummer world once...woke up the next morning with drum heads in my bed that were cut off my drums... Never gonna try that again.
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    Severe Headaches after Drumming Gigs

    I would throw in and suggest anyone experiencing this check where they are sitting in relation to amplifier speakers. Keep 'em to your sides...never behind you.
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    Online Paid Masterclass recommendation

    Hey jonnywech...Grats on finding a passion! I've been flirting with as I really like how his playing has evolved in the past 20 years or so...but i can't say I know 'for sure' that there is value...but I smell it in his playing changes. I really like some of the materials...