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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    The Dark Energy Hihat in 15“ is to die for, as is the 15“ Fo602 Modern Essentials Hihat. The 16“ Signature Full Crash is for me the prototype of a perfect crash sound. The DE crashes and the Signature Tradtionals Thin Crashes are outstanding. The 24“ Deep Ride from the Masters Series is also one...
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    Mapex Armory tuning problem

    The highest tom is not tuned properly. Do you hear that buzzing tone with the falling frequency. This often happens if a head is tuned too low generally or if the head is totally detuned on one or more lugs so that a part of the head rattles. It could be either the batter or reso. Quickest way...
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    Comparison of 5x Paiste rides! :)

    Nice comparison. For me it would be the Signature Powerslave out of these. The Monad is ok too, my second choice. I was shocked how bad the Alpha sounded and the Psycho Bell for my ears is total crap, it sounds like a ship bell. The Rude didn‘t speak to me...
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    Favorite plastic/felt beater?

    Whenever I read that someone has worn out their felt beaters I think to myself: how can that be? I‘ve used the same felt beater for decades and it got dirty but didn‘t wore out. Until one day on a house kit I learned that the black nylon patch from Evans eats felt beaters within moments. So once...
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    Extended snare help!!!

    As said before - these are 8 or 10 mm diameter round aluminum bars with two M4 threads in them. This is very easy to build for a good metal worker. You can get the M4 screws and the springs in every good assorted hardware shop. It's worth the effort as once the pseudo parallal snare action is...
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    TAMA ARTSTAR II sounds like basket ball ...???( now with sound samples )

    I hear the plastic sound, but I wouldn't call that a basketball sound. Anyway, your drums are laquered inside which means you have a perfectly reflecting surface. Then you have probably long toms which help the problem. Normally the basketball ping sound gets audible at bassdrums and maybe 16 or...
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    Extended snare help!!!

    Yes. parts are missing on your snare. You need the round aluminium bars with the threads in them and the screws and the spring to adjust the height of your snarewires that they run exactly parallel to your reso head. You also need a extended snare wire (SN 025). If you cant get hold of the...
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    Extended snare help!!!

    It should look like this on both sides:
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    Hand-hammering and re-creating cymbals

    Johan died in 2008...
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    Very distinct one time echo after the Toms and snare, very less in cymbals

    What headphone are you using? Is it a wired model or a Bluetooth model?
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    Converting 5 lug drum to 6 lug

    I meant the angles from one lug to the next which would be 60 degree for a six lug drum and 72 degrees for a five lug drum. But if you don‘t mind all the extra holes than this might be ok for you.
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    Converting 5 lug drum to 6 lug

    As said above: you can either align the existing hoops back to flat and round (which is quite easy on the thin triple flange hoops that come with these cheap drums) or you can buy new hoops if you find them. I have never heard of 5 lug 16“ drums though... If you are not experienced with metal...
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    Pearl Eliminator chain

    A couple of links? Is it that you want a really steep footplate? No offense intended, but you sure have one of the cams installed on your Eliminator?
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    Pearl Eliminator chain

    Why do you want to do this? The footboard angle can be adjusted in three steps, do you need more?