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    Sabian Omni to clean?

    You don‘t clean raw finish on cymbals! Period. If you can‘t resist use masking tape to protect the raw portion and clean the trad finish part.
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    New Kit Finally arrived

    I wouldn‘t mind to play on the kit or with the cat!
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    Anyone have “frozen shoulder”?

    I had it in my left shoulder a year ago and it got worse and worse from week to week. Finally I couldn‘t raise my arm more than 90 degree from the body… Doctor checked with ultrasonic and roentgen and found no physical defect. prescribed me physical therapy. It didn‘t help the first three...
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    question about behringer P1

    If you switch to mono you can balance the two inputs against each other. You‘ll hear both the monitor and the click in the middle. If you leave it in stereo mode you‘d hear the signal hard panned left and right.
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    Riddle me this you sound engineers

    The preamps of the Focusrite Clarett interfaces are actually quite good - the will not compete with high-end units, but the "more" you get out of these high-end preamps is not proportional to their higher price. The Clarett pres will clearly show the difference between say a pair of NT5 and your...
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    Looking for decent overhead condenser mics

    ^ What Supergrobi said! The Octavas are very good for studio use (not only overheads, acoustic guitars, piano, percussion, you name it). They are not overly sharp in the highs which separates them from most other mics in their pricerange. For live they are useable with fine results if the tech...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I‘ve played them yesterday with the whole set and they are absolute fantastic! Very versatile I‘d say, Funk! Soul, Rock, Blues. I‘d not take them for real heavy stuff though. This is my 2nd 15“ Hihat and I‘m beginning to dielike high pitched 14“ and smaller. My 2002 Sound Edge is on the boarder...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Finally found a Paiste Dark Energy Hi Hat in 15“:
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    Your great sounding tunings for N&C 14x5 solid walnut snare?

    This is an issue with drum dial & co, but a tunebot measures the frequency of the head, not the tension.
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    Buying from UK shipping to US. VAT exempt?

    Was this pre or post Brexit? Within the EU there are no Import taxes. There should be no VAT if you buy from a private person.
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    Drum truths that defy science, gravity or explanation..................

    Your cymbals go unnoticed while they are safe and protected in the bag or case. Once they are setup, either the guitarist or bassist will touch them with sweaty hands or even worse hit them with the headstock of the axe...
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    So it‘s a Tama Star Walnut in Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen.
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    Don‘t make it more complicated than it is. Within the 14 days you don‘t need any specific reason to return the kit (given you ordered online). Just write: I want to return this kit, make it in written and keep a receipt of receival of the dealer. You don‘t need to go into discussions about the...
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    When I read it correctly you are fighting with the dealer about the cost of transportation. Did you claim your wish to to withdraw the contract within 14 days of delivery. Did you do this in written? If yes they have to take the set back, you could argue about the return costs. If not you‘re on...