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    What's on your "wishlist"?

    13 x 6.5 Dunnet Classic Titanium snare drum in black with gold/brass hardware.... Being broke is a b 😫
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    D'Addario Players Circle?

    I personally prefer this logo to the older one haha I don’t remember the older ones being any smaller. that sucks about the old stock issue tho :(
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    Admittedly, I have not read all the previous posts but I’ve wanted to ask this question here recently as well. I’m bass player. I’ve been paid professionally as a bass player for sometime and consider it my main instrument. I’ve played the piano since I was 4, but I wouldn’t call it my best...
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    D'Addario Players Circle?

    Why wouldn’t it be worth signing up? It’s free to do so. It only benefits you. You get free stuff for stuff that you have already paid for. I love it. Part of the reason why I love D’Addario’s drum products so much.
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    Which cymbal bag should I get?

    I have the protection racket one, it’s great. I am also a fan of Ahead for their drum bags. I don’t see why their cymbal bags would be of any less quality.
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    I am still new to recording but I'm pretty 80% of your drum sound comes from the overheads. I would say that's normal for any mic as close mics don't contribute very much on their own, but when mixed in with the overheads, they give you a fuller sound. I have noticed that 57s do have a...
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    Best place to buy heads?

    Musicians friend is great if you sign up for their rewards program. Takes a while but once your cash back points becomes available, some small accessories eventually pay for themselves head prices are pretty consistent across dealers tho
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    Do people make fun of you for your ear protection?

    wow that’s stupid.
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    Ergonomic kit configuration...Walmart style

    Interesting hi hat technique there
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    Right! If she got into more trouble after playing it was probably for 1) leaving the house without telling anyone, and 2) befriending a grown man and getting that close to the inside of his house. We gotta remember that this child is 12 years old. Doesn't always end well. No slight to the OP...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Oh ok. I love their Player's Circle rewards program. I am really excited for the acorn tipped natural stick they have coming out. Sucks that you went through a couple already. Maybe the unique tip shape is to blame?
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Where did you buy the sticks? I know that signature model is part of the new line up, hopefully they’re shipping out soon
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    how's your input gain looking? Like the knobs on the front of the interface for each mic channel? It all depends on the mic and sometimes having them at about 1-4 o' clock might be necessary to feed a decent signal. cause every interface as a different 'curve' ----- Seeing that your headphones...
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    I started out always using in-ears from the absolute get-go, so I don't know what it's like to go from playing with nothing in your ears to monitoring drums with headphones. I know that for other things like mixing or bass playing, unless the cans are super tight, you lose a quite a bit of...
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    You can. You would have to enable live input monitoring in your DAW first. Then you would hear both the DAW playback and the direct monitoring through FC. You can mute the direct signal (or single out the Software Playback (DAW) slider) and just listen to what the DAW is "spitting back out". In...