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    After a long search...

    Damn nice and a 14 inch Slingerland floor tom is hard to find. Perfect size kit. That badge represents very good years at Slingerland,.... and the silver sparkle makes them twice as loud.
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    Genesis “The Last Domino” 2021 Tour

    I'm a big Genesis fan but I'd rather remain content with pre-1980 memories than see 'ill-Phil-in-a-chair'. This comes off as a rather sad money grab. They will sell out though....its a last hoorah.
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    If you could go back in a Time Machine, who would you want to see live?

    Deep Purple Mk II 1971 Free 1970 the Blue Breakers with Eric Clapton 1965
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    My New to Me Vintage Ludwigs

    nice setup, in great condition
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    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    thanks for posting that. I had seen this footage years ago but its been upgraded incredibly. What detail. I always thought Phil used an off-white Gretsch kit in that era but that seems metallic covered?
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    Are power and volume the same thing?

    I personally like a drummer who has the 'power' to play great things at all volume levels, at ones that suit the music. That is true power.
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    What do you think of the Dave Grohl-Nandi Bushell drum battle?

    I think these things need not be taken too seriously.
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    what's this snare?

    those offset single point lugs look like sonor, 5 inch deep. or maybe canopus. It sounds brass. I like the cymbal sounds too, the far right side crash.
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    Value of $90 USD from 1960 to 2021= 799.70

    They call it 'marketing'....and the banks and credit institutions feed and fuel a debt-riddled culture . "Oh you can pay for it tomorrow".
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    What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?

    What about, out of left field...John Densmore. While we know Morrison wrote all the lyrics, I can't help but think John was heavily involved in arrangements, he cut his teeth on jazz and Elvin. The Doors had many successful songs, and admirably shared credit for ALL songs. Til this day John...
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    "fluffy" beater question

    I got the Vater Bomber at Xmas. Nice and its fun to play with a different 'fluffy' beater, just for a new sound. It is very light. I also play an unported empty bass drum so don't need to hammer down with my foot all the time. One thing I've learned is not to 'cheap out' on items that can 'wear...
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    The Police - Synchronicity II Cover

    Hey very cool, great sound. Am wondering what your drums are? I don't have a 24 ride, but am always fascinated how they stand out on a kit.
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    Here’s a great way to muffle your snare.

    the real question is where did he find so many floppy disks. Haven't seen one kicking around for 10+ years.
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    Vintage Drum ID

    The leg holders look like Leedy but not the lugs. The lugs were either changed out or its a 60's MIJ stencil. A pic of the wood grain inside will help identify MIJ drums (often lengthwise grain).
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    Tendonitis in the elbow

    Well that was an excellent choice! Seriously, maybe you need to ease off the gas pedal on the hard pad.