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    Beginner Jazz

    I've always been a huge fan of Jazz, Swing, and Big Band drummers. Recently I scheduled an audition for a jazz / swing band that lost their drummer due to too much performance. Apparently they were gigging to much for his liking. As much as I love the music, I've never tried playing it, so I...
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    Speed Cobra

    I'd been testing out the Speed Cobra among various other pedals over the last few weeks. And after testing nearly every pedal in price range I decided to go with my original choice of the Tama speed cobra. I loved the way it felt at Guitar Center, and I also tried one at a local music store. I...
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    Tama Speed Cobra

    I recently ditched double bass by removing the slave pedal from my DW. Now to help me make a permanent switch, I'm looking for a good quality single pedal. I've heard very good things about the Tama speed cobra, and when I look at it's price, I can't help but want it. Is it really as good as...
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    Jumping Ship on Double Bass

    I've removed my slave pedal, and now use my DW pedal as a single. I am fond of using the double kick for fills and such, but I don't like the way it feels. Instead I'll be experimenting with a lot of different foot techniques since I'm not with a functioning band at the moment. I hope to...
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    Fat Low End Toms

    I want a really fat, low end sound out of my toms. So what are some tuning tips to get the sound. I've tried down tuning them, and all I get is a boomy resonance.
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    ExperVillage videos?

    We've all seen them... We've all commented (most of us negatively) on them. So I want some voiced opinions.
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    Kick Drum Tuning

    What's the best thing to use to muffle my kick drum and have it still maintain a lot of volume? I've used a pillow, and that still has too much boom for me, and a quilt deadens the volume out. Is there anything in between I can use?
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    Single Pedal Slide (Side to Side)

    I've tried the heel / toe technique and it never worked for me. Instead I prefer the slide technique. I learned it up and down the pedal, I recently learned Longineu Parsons does it from side to side, as well as many others. Can someone hook me up with video footage of this? I'd like to see if...
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    Pedal placement?

    Does anyone else have the problem of placement with slave pedal and hi-hat pedal? I have extreme difficulty getting these pedals at a comfortable position. Either the slave pedal is too close to the snare to get comfortable use, or the hi-hats are to far away for me to hit comfortably. If you've...
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    Favorite Chinas?

    I know they're a low end cymbal. But I absolutely love Sabian's B8 China. I have an 18" and I like the sound so much, I actually just use it as a main crash. It doesn't decay as quick, or even sound as trashy as most Chinas. What do you guys think?
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    Use of Double Bass?

    How many of you guys use double kick for fills and such? The majority of people either go all out with double bass, or just a single pedal setup. But I'm one of many who likes to have it at my disposal just to spice things up during a live performance. I rarely even use one to record really.
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    Longest model of stick.

    I've always like to have a longer style of drumstick because the shorter the stick, the further my hand slides back to get more power. This causes the sticks to fly out of my hands much more than they should. I discovered the Matt Sorum signature models by Zildjian, and the length of the stick...
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    Ride Cymbals?

    What sorts of rides do you guys use? I prefer a 20" moderately thin ride so I can crash on it if I so choose, but a lot of drummers don't like thin rides because they easily wash over. So let's hear it.
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    Dusty Spears here

    I'm the drummer for the band 'On This Day' and former drummer of a band called Sultan. I am an endorser of Soultone cymbals, and a very loyal customer of Sonor drums and Vic Firth sticks. Any more questions, feel free to ask. I hope we can all learn something from each other.