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    Pearl Session Select vs Sonor AQ2

    Hi everyone, Pearl Session Studio Select 5pc vs Sonor AQ2 Stage 6pc. I am down to deciding between these 2 for my next kit. Is it a no brainer to go for the Pearl, even though it's going to be around $600 more than the Sonor by the time i add the required hardware? What's people's feedback...
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    5.5' or 6.5' SNARE DRUM?

    Found this thread from 8 years ago (!) thought i would pick up on it. Currently considering a Pearl Session 5pc kit. There are 2 options, the difference between the 2 is: - one kit has a 22 x 16BD and a 14 x 6.5SD. - The other has a 20 x 14BD and a 14 x 5.5SD The toms are the same on both...
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    Thanks guys. @Row did they sound OK even with standard heads on? @Rattlin Bones the advertised kit comes with Remo UT series heads, coated Ambassador on batter side, and uncoated Ambassador's on the batter side, did yours come like that or with different heads? Also how did you find the bass...
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    Hi All, new to the forum here and thought i would put out a question for you all. I currently have a second hand Gretsch Cataline Maple 6pc. Worn out a bit and time for an upgrade. I very briefly played a new Sonor AQ2 Stage kit 6 pc recently and quite liked it, however I'm at a cross roads...