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    Taking kick pedals on a plane

    I am travelling from England to Germany in a few days with a connecting flight in Amsterdam in between. I plan on taking my Pearl demon drives as hand luggage. I was thinking for security reasons putting the drive shaft, beaters and drum key in my check in luggage, so my case just has only the...
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    Virgil Donati Paradiddle exercise

    I don't know If anyone has seen this ( But as soon as i saw it i thought, man i have to practice this, because i thought it would be a big challenge. But i think i've got it already and i don't find it very hard. so could you guys please watch my...
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    Jojo Mayer Speed Exercise

    Hey guys. On Jojo's DVD, on the speed building section, he says to start at 60 bpm and 100 bars each hands then singles. Then add 4 bpm and repeat. Then repeat. Then repeat. My question is, every day I do this exercise, should I start at 60? or should I start slightly lower than my max speed...
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    New drum cover Thanks guys!
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    My drum cover channel

    Hey guys. I have some drum covers. Tool, Opeth, Protest the Hero, Black Dahlia Murder and Meshuggah. I am 16 years old and have been playing for around 5-6 years. I would love for you guys to check out my channel and watch my covers if you want. Give me feedback, and share them :P Thanks...