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    Power amps and bass amps

    Hi everybody, If I plug a bass amp into a power amp using the 'input' and 'headphones' ports, will it cause any damage? I don't know much about the amps so I can't really give info. If I use the bass amp's 'pwr amp in' port I only get sound out of the bass amp, but I'm aiming to have sound...
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    Brooks Wackerman stack

    I've tried to find it online with no luck - does anyone know what cymbals Brooks Wackerman uses in his stack when playing with Avenged Sevenfold? Here's a video of him playing it: And a video from behind the kit:
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    What is this?

    On eBay I've found something odd - I can't work out if it's a very very old snare or if it's something that somebody's knocked up themself. Anyone know?
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    Can these speakers safely be used with this amp?

    Hello everyone, I'm not very knowledgable about this kind of stuff yet, but I'm learning so please bare with me: I've got a power amp (JVC A-X3) which has a power output of 55W per channel into 8 Ohms. It's connected to a pair of speakers (Infinity Alpha 40s) which have a recommended amp power...
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    Spray painting a wrap.

    Hi I'm thinking about spray painting my drums white, but I'm wondering if I can just take all the hardware off them and spray directly onto the existing wrap (which is black) which would still be attached, rather than painting the shell or removing the wraps. If this would work, how would I go...
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    Question about thread bumping

    I've read over the rules quite a few times but there's 1 thing I'm still curious about: if there is a thread that hasn't had any replies in 2 years (for example) and it's a thread such as 'What's your favourite .......' rather than 'Should I buy ..... or .........' (In other words a thread that...
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    What heads for a Chris Adler snare sound?

    Particularly off Lamb of God's album 'Sacrament' (can hear it well here: I have a 14x5" steel Premier 2000, and am using an Evans Hazy 300 and the original wires. Based off what I've been searching for, the best choices would be: Evans G1, Evans Onyx...
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    Help changing a Premier 2000 end plate

    Hello, I recently picked up a 14x5" Premier 2000 snare, and I need to change the end plate because the screw-holes (not sure what they're called) have gone flat inside, and it's just generally faulty. I have a new end plate (and all the bits inside it such as the levelling screws etc.)...
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    What snare do I have?

    Hello, I got my snare a few years ago, and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. It came with my Premier Olympic kit (bought used) but I don't think it's an Olympic snare. It has no badging whatsoever, and has nothing inside the shell (no serial number), so is this just a...
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    Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal ride

    Hi, the Meinl Classics Custom 20" Extreme Metal ride doesn't cost much yet it sounds amazing (for metal). I have listened to sounds clips of it online, and I can't work out why it costs so little. Does anybody own it who can say any bad points about the cymbal? Thanks
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    What drumheads to get this sound?

    I know there are lots of questions like this, but I want to know what tom heads and tuning (low, mid, high - I can fine tune) I should use to get the tom sounds on Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold. My toms are 12", 13", and 16". They are basswood. I know The Rev uses G2 Clears over G1...
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    Which Ride Should I Get?

    I am currently trying to decide whether I should get a Zildjian 21" A Mega Bell ride or a Meinl 22" Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell ride. I have listened to many reviews and sound demos of them on YouTube, and I cannot decide which to get. The nearest music shop where I can try them out myself is...
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    Weird Colours On Drumheads

    I got some Evans G2 Clears for my toms (12", 13", 16") off eBay (new) and they have weird petrol-like colours on them. The colours are on all of the heads, by the edges. Is this bad, or does it not matter? Thanks! I'll upload a picture later
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    Will this damage my bass drum?

    Today I found my perfect cymbal setup, but am concerned this will damage the bass drum shell In the picture, is a 16" Sabian Solar crash, and a stacked 10" Paiste Black Alpha 'Hyper' splash and 8" Zildjian ZXT Titanium trashformer, mounted off a Yamaha clamp and boom arm.
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    Could This Be Damaging My China

    I would like to have my china at a steep angle on the stand, but am not sure if it will cause damage. It is a Wuhan 14" China. It is on a yellow Aquarian cymbal spring, and the 'wingnut' is quite loose. (I say 'wingnut' because it's not really a wingnut, but does the same job as a wingnut and...