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    How do you clean your hardware?

    I've used foil numerous times. I just don't like using it too much because it seems like a waste for cleaning.
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    Would you buy a bass drum........

    You do you man. Don't worry about what others want and think (at least when it comes to how you spend your money). I have a 24 x 14 bass I'm going to re-wrap (it's a Tama birch something something), found a 22x14 Slingerland I'm going to refurbish (this one was the yellow satin flame drum that...
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    How do you clean your hardware?

    I found this on Amazon last year. I remember a thread here or on DFO where someone couldn't keep this weird white haze off of their drums, I had similar...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Been stuck on this album for a few days again. I'll mix in some Billie Eilish, STP. . .just bought Billy Cobham's Warning--haven't listened to it yet. It's right at the top though.
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    I've thought about this considerably, trying to figure out if I truly paid attention to snare sound. Two come to mind--one good, one I don't find appealing. The annoying one: Spin Doctors--Two Princes. The song may help because I find all of it annoying. But that snare just bugs me. Not...
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    Why do you Play?

    DUDE!!!! LOL That's nuckin' futs man. 4 total???? WHOAAAA. Love it. Not carrying them, but I like 'em. 😇
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    WorldMax 14 x 8 black brass...

    Doesn't World Max also supply Pork Pie's brass shells? I picked up one used and immaculate condition for $250. 6.5" depth. Nice drum
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    i had an idea...

    It definitely won't be cheap to acquire all of the hardware. Why not pick something older. Some great shells that are missing the hardware. I like refurbishing old drums. It's a ton of work. Finding lugs that fit--that's exciting. If I'm going to have to drill, I'll just buy un-drilled...
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    Why do you Play?

    Well, I wasn't quite old enough to have enjoyed such times around live music in the 70s. I was 6 in '77, and an Elvis man! Loved the Beach Boys and beach music. Cheap Trick, Aldo Nova. . .at age 7/8. My mom bought about 100 8-tracks from a co-worker. . .Kiss Dynasty, and the afore mentioned...
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    "Reaction Videos"

    This video actually created enough reaction, that In The Air Tonight REAPPEARED on the charts. Personally, I can watch some. . .for example--seeing people crack up because they've never seen Bill Burr before, that can be some funny stuff. But watching someone else react to a video YOU can...
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    Tama bass drum ACCU HOOPS????

    Interesting. I simply knew nothing about them. . .I will admit, I didn't Google them at all. 👀 :rolleyes: Thanks
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    Why do you Play?

    I used to ride around on my bike as a 5/6 year old with a battery powered radio taped to my handlebars. I just love music. My mother used to put in an 8-track while she was fixing dinner and dance around. I was ALWAYS into the rhythm of things, the GROOVE. When I found my friend's drumsticks...
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    Tama bass drum ACCU HOOPS????

    So, I just saw a set of these online for sale. I had never seen these before. They remind me a little of the 3D printed snare drums. Were these hoops a phase? Did they help in tuning? Did they break easily? I've only seen one set ever, so it seems like a fad to me. Of course, I was away...
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    Holy Jeez: Is there a better way than this???

    I have changed my iPhone 4 into an iPod. However, the Classic is 160gb and still has 25ish gigs. And the iphone 4 just acts kinda weird with downloading music on it. So I've stuck with the iPod or my iPhone 8 for simplicity's sake. I certainly agree with most of everything you all have...