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    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    My Radio King would be hard to ge if I only bought new. 😄 I want what I want. If there's a good deal and it looks nice I'll probably go for it, but a lt of my stuff isn't available used.
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    What's In A Name?

    Since Americans call me Odd Arnie, just Arnie or simply gave up and named me Todd it's probably gone far enough without me complicating the matter any further.
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    The bots are taking over. and cats are the best.
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    I never grew up. Hence, I never started drinking coffee. I do pop various adaptogens here and there, though.
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    Boy, the things you see when you haven't got your gun.

    At 14:11, the guy behind the piano has to be Hiram Bullock.
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    Am I too old to start drumming?

    Thankfully it's not. Just very close to a tred. In any case. It's never too late. There's a famous Norwegian song that says that life doesn't really start until 66.
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    Am I too old to start drumming?

    No BOT, it's never too late.
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    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    Yeah, you're not just playing without thought or repeating single rudiments together, but stringing them together in a way that's been decided by someone else. Weakness will be exposed and your general command and flow expands. Once I knew them pretty well I started playing them left hand...
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    First audition

    Know the song. Good time, which really just means being focused on the music by knowing you part so well you don't have to think about it and can focus on being clear and caring for the rest of the band. Propper inner dynamics, which in this case just means a solid and consistent backbeat.
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    Found the secret to tuning drums!

    Tune-Bot and Resotune read pitch, so they're different than the torque gadgets. In any case. Tuning drums shouldn't be all that hard to learn if someone just shows you a propper way to start and gives you a couple of the right tips.
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    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    I've never been much of a fan of finishes that stick out in general. That goes for all my instruments. They're blank canvases for music and I sort of want them to represent that visually as well. There are exceptions based on situations. For drums it's "Tony Yellow", "Vinnie White", piano...
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    What's better

    Yeah. Working hard, pushing myself and sweating behind he kit is enjoyable to me, so I can't relate to them being opposites.
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    swung 6/8 to 5/8 metric modulation?

    There's all sorts of ways time signatures can relate depending on how you play them. I wrote a tune in 21 once grouped in 5-5-5-6. I don't think most would even give it a second thought until they actually had to play it. The phrase of the melody went over two periods which completed the...
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    Do You Anthropomorphize Your Drums?

    No. It would take a lot. Like if it was a special gift from a wife/girlfriend end she died, I'd probably name it after her. I am however considering getting a BD reso with the picture of my late cat, though.