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    Into Orbit - debut full length album CAVERNS now streaming on band camp

    Into Orbit have released their debut album CAVERNS. It's streaming on bandcamp now. "Into Orbit is a dynamic duo of guitar and drums whose immersive, genre-defying sound contains aspects of experimental rock, polished prog, ambience & drone."
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    Jingle Bells - Speed Metal Drum Cover

    I recorded this today on (New Zealand time) Christmas Eve. MERRY CHRISTMAS all!
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    We hired a generator and recorded atop a grassy hill overlooking the ocean. Check out the video!

    We hired a generator and recorded atop a grassy hill overlooking the ocean. Check out the resulting track/video!
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    Recording album in a tin room - will it suck?

    My band Into Orbit are self-recording our debut album. We have pretty decent equipment and are going to spend heaps on professional mixing and mastering. But, we are recording in a storage unit we rent and use as a rehearsal space and studio.... it has tin walls and a big tin door. I've wanted...
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    Into Orbit - (video) my new instrumental duo

    About 5 months ago, me and a guitarist friend got together for a casual jam to try some stuff out with a loop pedal. We recorded the whole thing, and by the end of the jam we had foundations for an full set worth of songs, and had both come to the natural conclusion that this was something...
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    My new prog metal drum video.

    Hello! I've just bought a few thousand dollars worth of recording equipment, and here is my first recording with it! Playing an original song from my band Elevoria ENjoyer
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    Dave Lombardo kicked off Slayers Aus Tour and ripped off by band mates/management? "Statement From Dave Lombardo Regarding Slayer Australian Tour 2013 I want to personally apologize to all of our fans in Australia who have bought tickets for the tour expecting to see me in my usual place on the drums. So that you all know the truth, as...
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    A truck as a practice space??

    Hey folks, Like many drummers, I'm on the eternal search for the perfect (cheapest, closest, least likely to get complaints) practice and recording studio space for me and my bands. I'm currently renting a storage unit about 20minutes drive away from my home. It works for now, but I'm always on...
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    Xmas metal drumming! Joy to the World.

    My take on Joy to the World from an extreme metal perspective. Made this video today, enjoy =)
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    What kind of hand drum is this?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to sell a hand-drum I was given awhile ago, but I don't know much about these type of drums and I don't know where it's from, so I won't be able to describe it accurately for an ad. I don't know what it's made of, but it seems like clay or something (can see in one of the...
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    How does one break a stick like this?

    Was at a gig the other night. Russian Circles and Eagle Twin. I'm a big fan of Russian Circles, had never seen or heard Eagle Twin. Eagle Twin were without a doubt the LOUDEST band I have ever heard in my life (10 years of going to gigs), to the point where it was painful to be anywhere near...
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    Hitting two cymbals at once

    .... is something I never do, but see a lot of metal and rock drummers do. I didn't think there was 'any point' in doing it when I was starting out learning drums (cymbals are pretty damn loud by themselves right?), so it never became part of my repitoire, and 9 years later I haven't given it...
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    Exercises for consitency?

    Guys, I've been playing metal and rock for about 10 years. Have always had a habit of going as fast as I can most of the time. Lately have mellowed out a bit and tried to get more 'groove', playing a lot more rocky, funky, jazzy stuff. Today I'm getting annoyed at my drumming, feeling like I...
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    Thinking of studying Jazz drums, don't really listen to much Jazz.

    Hey guys, I've decided I'm finally going to study music after 9 years of self-taught drumming. Although I've always been totally obsessed with drumming and music, I've never allowed myself to invest any full time study/student-loan into music because "it's not a real career" and doesn't promise...
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    Mourning a snare. need closure. Recommend me a new snare.

    I don't know how it happened, but after a jam night at a local music club I somehow lost my snare =( I'd had it for about 6 years: I had brought along my snare, kick pedals, cymbals and a stand with me to the jam night. When...