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    Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka

    In memory of a great Drummer and a great musician! Killer work with the legends of Tech. Death. R.I.P!
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    Sarcofago/Nile/Blasphemy/Revenge/Inquisition Fans?

    Which of you are fans of the above mentioned bands (or from the same type of genre)? Thought this might be an interesting thread..
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    Heavy metal kits!!

    Show off your Heavy Metal kits here!
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    Drum Kit position (Death Metal friendly)

    Hi, I Have an issue with setting up my kit to a position that'll suit fast drumming. The current position I have kinda bothers me, so I was wondering if anyone who plays this kind of music could post a couple of pictures of their setup (that mainly focuses on the pedals and snare position) ...
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    Cobra Help..

    Hi. I'm Currently using the IC's (Older Version, Double, Power Glides) and I have a minor problem that needs a bit of focus on. My slave pedal has a slight lag. This is very common of course, but I'm considering on replacing the drive shaft with either a new IC Drive shaft or a different DS...