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    My Snare Buzzes too much.

    I bought a Skyntone head and placed it on my Snare Drum. It sounds ok if tuned properly, but when I hit the edge of the snare drum it buzzes like crazy. How can I reduce this effect? I read that if the resonant head is tuned in the same note than the batter, or matches the sound waves emitted...
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    Can you recommend me any blues group or artist? I want to play blues.
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    What do you think about the DW Drums Logo?

    I'm a graphic designer and I find the DW logo to be a very interesting one. But before posting interesting facts about it, tell me what you think about it. It would be interesting to see if drummers perceive as I do.
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    Steve Gadd's Mozabique Groove?

    Anyone knows where can I find a guide or tutorial that explains how to play Steve Gadd's Mozabique Groove? It's this one: I try to play it but it's not the same. Gadd's groove...