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    Practice troubles

    Hello All, I have a problem that I hope some of you could help with; Recently, I haven’t been feeling the pull to go down and practice, To learn new things and get better, I don’t know what to learn and If I find something to learn I can’t get excited about learning it. I’m pretty sure this is...
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    Cut reso head

    Anybody know what’s up with the big ol hole in the reso head on the bass drums? Kinda looks like he just wanted the front hoops on but didn’t want the reso but but I’ve got no idea. Thinking about doing this to my reso cause it kinda looks rad and I like the effect of no front head. Edit - not...
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    Band names?

    Howdy, I’ve been playing with some people for a while not really making our own music, doing covers from bands (Green Day, Black Sabbath, Nirvana) that kind of stuff but are starting to make our own songs and it’s handy to have a name when we start playing at local places/ doing open mic nights...
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    Not having fun playing

    Howdy, uh I’m 14 and have been playing for about a year now, and as I’m practicing I’ll have a good time for the first 10 minutes or so I’m playing and then after a little while I’ll start to get bored and frustrated with getting beats or fills off. I’ve continued to practice every day for...