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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Hey everyone: Episode 2 (stop two of the virtual tour) - Is up now!!
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Super talented folks involved for sure!! Thanks!!!
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    One clip I'm not embarrassed to share.

    Way cool - thanks for sharing!!
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    Cymbal Setup - Am I Done?

    I like it - the only thing I might do is move up one of those 17s to a 19' just for when you a really big crash with a little more sweep. 17s are great but they'll all hit and get out of the way pretty quick...might be nice to have one with a little more sustain - but you should be able to...
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    Tama has heard our feedback and toned it down with this new finish

    That's pretty cool - and all these finishes of their are hand painted which is wild. Dig it....nice to see something that isn't WMP haha.
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    Easter Greetings

    Thanks B - all the best to you!!
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    Got some newfound love for the BD tom mount

    The idea of gigging with a rack with no tour support sounds horrible to me haha - though I do like some of the modern twists like the stealth rack, etc. I'm a big fan of Yamaha's hardware - the three hole tom mount is hard to beat for a 4 piece or 5 piece configuration: I had it with two toms...
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    Class ring curiosity

    I do - it's stored away somewhere but it was this really neat rectangular peridot stone and it had like gold columns on either side in the very art deco design and the major of the ring was white gold. I should dig it out - it was really pretty and now that I look back I'm surprised I had taste...
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Hey thanks for taking the man - means a lot!
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Thank you sir! You should carve out some time to check it out: Brad's drummer Jim White is a north Texas guy and has that Keith Carlock / Ari Hoenig swing that's just a legit joy to watch man. When were filming them up near Denver I was like totally floored with his playing!
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Yea man - I was shocked how much a different it made...super easy to install too and if you get the black ones - totally never notice them. I keep a sit in my backline bag too. (The floor tom booty shakers I find are a lot more super hard floors they seem to work - but the...
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    Ever bought a great-sounding kit with a finish you weren't too crazy about?

    I've had the opposite - a great looking kit that sounded best after our sound engineer had some time to make it sound good on a PA haha. Honestly I couldn't do the reverse - a kit is just SUCH a visual thing....big ol' tubs of color.
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Great looking kit man!! Love it! You should get some of TNR Little Booty Shakers for that tom on a stand : best like $15 I've ever spent.
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Hey all, We were lucky enough to win a grant from Chamber Music America to produce and film (and perform in haha) a concert series called The Blue Desert Virtual Tour. There are three concerts featuring three venues in the southwest with three different jazz groups: The Brad Goode Quintet...
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    Gold-n-times acrylic shells

    These shells might be awesome but that's the worst website I've seen since like 1999.