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    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    Really? I've never heard of that size. 9" is the regular depth for a 13".
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    See if the bolts that fasten the sustainer part are loose.
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    Gavin Harrison here!

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    Bass drum reso color

    I say wait for Remo to release the Ambassador Colortone heads, and then get colored resonant heads. I think the "smoke" Colortones would look better than black. If you don't wanna wait, get the Starfire Chrome.
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    Phil Spector Dies...

    I guess. But then again, most "everyday items" have many other uses, whereas guns are specifically for killing.
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    Phil Spector Dies...

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    Oil Heads

    The original Evans Hydraulic heads were fantastic. They worked great on drums that weren't exactly "round" or ones that had bad edges. Back then, the Evans heads had a flexible hoop, unlike their current heads which use a metal hoop similar to Remo. Steve Gadd use Evans Hydraulic heads. You can...
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    My new CD is finally finished!!!

    Listen to my records on Spotify and help me buy a cup of coffee: Also, since I still have quite a few CDs left over, and no one seems to care for CDs anymore, I'm offering ALL THREE of my CDs "Auditur Periculosum" along with "Pastrami Standards" as well as "Along Similar Lines" to anyone here...
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    Dw Lugs UGLY!!!!!

    I really don't think any company's lugs are ugly. I do like some more than others though. The lugs that Premier used on their concert toms back in the 70s were really nice.
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    Dw Lugs UGLY!!!!!

    Yeah, maybe when they had the Phonics lugs. Now? With all that hideous rubber? Not so much.
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    Floor Toms for Dummies (ok, me)

    Okay, I read that you're missing something. Perhaps you should have said "What am I missing?", you know, as in an actual question. The answer to which would be, nothing. There are no rules. You can play without a floor tom. You can play without hi-hats. You can play without a bass drum. Do...
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    Floor Toms for Dummies (ok, me)

    Is there a question in there somewhere, or are you just stating your preference?