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    Tempo vs. Type of Note

    It is often possible to write notes in music notation a number of ways. As you said, quarter notes at fast tempo can sound like eighth notes at slow tempo.
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    Used Zildjian ZBT - Worth it?

    If you play rock music then you might like the 16 inch ZBT crash and 22 inch ride cymbals. They are loud, bright sounding (maybe a little harsh sounding) and will cut through if you jam with other musicians. I have the 16 inch ZBT crash and 22 inch ZBT ride cymbals, I like them. They are...
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    Compressor as quasi-trigger for bass?

    If you are looking for an aggressive compressor then try a limiter.
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    Gear you wished existed...

    Cowbell mounts that don't cost more than a cowbell. A backdrop light effects thing that can make the liquid overhead projector effect that I see on old Jefferson Airplane videos.
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    Am I the only one?

    Here is my guess. There is what I call an "auditory illusion" that happens in a band. It's like an optical illusion. A single instrument might not sound that good on it's own. But when the sound is combined with sounds of other instruments the imperfections disappear. Our brains seek harmony and...
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    OCD or normal jacking around?

    I suspect drums and cymbal stands secretly move around when no one is looking.
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    Phil Spector Dies...

    Phil Spector had a strange life. Made some great recordings though.
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    Sequel/Follow Up to "The Drumset Musician" Book?

    The Gigging Drummer.
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    Anyone else considering selling their kit?

    I know lots of drummers that sold their kits only to replace them later. Sometimes the house, spouse, job and kids distract people from what they are. Then life changes and they play drums again.
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    Anyone NOT plan on playing out anymore?

    I'm gigging tonight. tomorrow and probably Sunday. Having too much fun to stop. Making a little money, meeting lots of people.
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    Extension Arm To Fit Stand

    Various clamps here:
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    Drums/Cymbals Ratio

    I have 5 cymbals and 4 drums. Spent $ 200 on drums and about $ 500 on cymbals and stands.
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    Is a PDP 5-peice birch any good?

    USA $ 250 is a good price for drums, hardware and cymbals. If the kit is in good condition then buy it. You can likely sell it later if you lose interest and get most of your money back, maybe even sell at a profit. Pearl Exports and Tama Rockstars are also good drums.
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    Planning a Music Jam

    Can we come?