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    New to me kit on the way !

    That drum kit looks like more fun than a new girlfriend on Valentines Day :) Happy Valentines Day! Rock and roll! Stay outta jail.
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    Recording - The unrelenting task master

    There is a musical concept called "playing ahead of the beat" or "playing behind the beat" but the tempo does not speed up or slow down. It is difficult to achieve with most bands because most musicians that I meet are not good. Most of the time I have to follow the guitar player or keyboard...
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    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    "Laptops, i.e.m.,click, triggers, samples pads, recording equipment" - that's a lot of stuff. Start with one thing and see if you can do something useful with that. It takes years to learn so much and the process never ends, because technology is changing.
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    You did well. You may find that you will use these same skills many times over the course of your life.
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    Learn the names of some better cymbals, such as the Zildjian A Custom, or Paiste 2002. Check pawn shops, stores and craigslist ads. When good stuff appears, buy it. Good cymbals are a pleasure to play.
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    Choked Snare Drum: What it sounds like, feels like, and how to prevent it

    This guy likes to talk. Maybe the choked sound starts about 9 minutes.
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    Bigger Kits

    I play a 4 piece kit but sometimes I'd like to have another mounted tom. And maybe a second floor tom.
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    Pearl JG-16 Jungle Gig adapter - 14'' tom?

    I just use one of my ex-girlfriend's trashy paperback books for a drum riser.
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    Learning curves

    I have coordination problems also. I have good days and bad days. What helps me is to slow down, count everything out, and keep practicing. Practicing a groove before sleeping helps me learn the groove better.
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    Any reason not to re-use heads that are in good condition?

    If heads are in good condition and you like the sound, and the playability is acceptable, then I'd use them.
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Play the solo for friends and family. Do a few test runs. When is your performance scheduled? Do you have a lot of time to practice. Practice the solo every day.
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    And Tom Petty firing Stan Lynch.
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    I read this morning that some judge agreed with Aerosmith, ruled against Joey Kramer.
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    Very Rusty from Inactivity

    I'd go to the jam and work with them. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.