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    My big wedding day is tomorrow!

    October 19 has finally arrived! Get to marry the woman of my dreams!!! Wish me luck :-) Steve
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    My new Saturn IV's arrived :) Pics

    My new Mapex Saturn IV Exotic finally came in. It is the Natural Ash Burl. And I must say they sound amazing! Deep, warm tones. Very lively sounding! Hopefully the pics will attach since first time I have ever attempted to do so. Toms - 10, 12, 14, 16 Bass 22" Snare is a Mapex Black...
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    Paiste 2002 vs Sabian AAX Plosion??

    So I'm wanting to add a brighter crash to my set up. Gonna be making a trip to GC to compare side by side the 16" Paiste 2002 regular crash and the 16" Sabian AAX Plosion crash. I love the sound of the Paiste with its shimmering brightness and decay but also like the Xplosion too. Guess I...
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    Paragon cymbals-Too metallic sounding?

    Here's my dilemma... My new cymbal set-up is all Sabian. Currently HHX evo 16 & 18" crashes, HHX zen China, HHX 10" custom splash, AAX 14" stage hats, HH rbdr and a Paragon 16" crash. I don't know what it is but all my cymbals sound beautiful and musical except for the Paragon. It has a...
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    Music from summers gone by...

    So here I was today, cruisin' from the far south suburbs of Indy to the far northside of Indianapolis to visit and help my not so well these days mom. Got the top and doors off my jeep and enjoying the 90 degree sunny sky. Jammin' to my 500 watt stereo I installed myself and listening to some...
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    Holy Grail of Drum Kits?

    If you were searching and could own only one drum kit, being the Holy Grail of drum kits, what would it be and why? Would it be the rarity of it? Sound? Woods? Previous owner? Cost? I'm sure there will be lots of different answers but I really would like to see what everyone thinks on this...
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    Zoom Q2HD or ZoomQ3HD? Preferences Anybody?

    So I am on Musician's Friend looking at both. Even though the Q3 is less in cost is there much of a difference? Has anyone used either of these and what is your opinions on them. I like the price range but have no experience with either. Thanks all! Steve
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    Drum Costs vs. Guitar Costs?

    Someone enlighten me. Why is it drums (shell packs) are comparable in price to guitars. Examples would be maybe Taylor 900 series elec/acoustic vs DW Collector series $4,000-$5,000. Mapex Saturn about same as a Gibson '61 SG reissue. You get my point. Drums are much larger instruments with...
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    RUPPS DRUMS...Are they a reputable seller???

    Has anyone ever dealt with Rupps Drums? I am looking at adding an 8" tom to my Saturn IV kit and they sell the component toms for that kit. Website says $220 for that tom. Of course it has to be ordered and will probably have to wait a few months to receive it but I want to make sure they are...
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    8" or 13" toms for add ons?

    Okay, so I have on order a 5 piece Mapex Saturn IV. It consists of 10,12, 14, 16 toms. Question is does anyone have suggestions about would a 8" or 13" be a better add on tom. I know 8's are kinda known to be a one trick pony but I do like the sound for accents. My main music tastes is...
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    Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all Americans on here to have a safe and happy Independence Day. And to all military veterans (EVERYONE) a much heartfelt thank you for your dedication and sacrifice for your country. Myself I did 12 years U.S. Army Infantry. Happy 4th of July!!! Steve
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    Cool website with pro drummers and their setup in pics Has their drums, cymbals etc... Clean pics! Just thought I'd share Steve
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    You can TUNA drum but you can't TUNA fish

    I'm hoping to get some opinions or recommendations from all you out here on good drum tuning devices. As some of you know I have been a guitarist for 30 years or so and have know issues tuning guitars. However I don't quite have the experience in tuning drums like most of you do. I have owned...
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    my fiancee is letting me put drums in living room ; )

    My beautiful fiancee is letting me put my drums in living room. I have a basement but it's cool and damp. Told her not a good place for drums for various reasons. Besides , my living room is 28x15 with beautiful 3/4" hardwood floors and my killer stereo system. Don't worry I say , I will...
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    Ported or Non Ported Bass Reso?

    I am not planning on doing any recording or miking of my drums. They will only be played in my house only. So is there any benefit of having a ported or non ported bass reso. It will be on a Saturn drum kit. I prefer a deeper, punchier sound. I am just getting back into drums again after a...