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    Right, so I'm a bit conflicted on this... On the one hand, it's big platforms like this which can help spread the good word about drumming. These platforms also provide for great educational resources, etc. However, thanks to these platforms, I think playing drums can become a popularity...
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    NEED TIPS: Learning Drums By Ear

    Probably not the most timely response, but I wrote an article some time ago that some people found insightful... Check it out: :)
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    Maybe you were a good drummer, and have developed into a better drummer as your ears developed. We're always looking to improve, so it's natural that you'll have gone through that process. How we sound / play to other people is very relative / subjective, and also people tend to be supportive /...
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    What is "Worship Music"?

    Thank you, I came here for this.
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    This is a good point... Maybe my ears are under developed, yet when listening to a drums "live" (i.e. not under mics, etc), I find it difficult to tell defining characteristics between different drums. It's under microphones that I can start picking up differences. I mean, I could tell what I...
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    I will check her out, man! Thanks for the tip! :)
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    I love the fact that drumming community is inclusive and supportive, and that it really doesn't matter whether you're a boy / girl / non-binary... If you got groove, you got groove. Simple! Some of my favourite female drummers include: Anika Nilles - I like her creativity behind the kit...
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    Recording - less mic's for better results?

    Indeed, I actually use the C214s (as I can't currently afford the C414s). I use them on professional recordings, and they're great! My understanding is that they're budget because they're a more stripped down version of the C414. Regarding miking, Ash, may I recommend a great book called The...
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    QUESTION: Drum Recording Studio

    Hi everyone, I apologise in advance if this has ever been covered here before, yet I couldn't find info. I'm looking to start a recording studio specifically for drums - for myself to do remote sessions, and in the eventuality someone else would like to use the studio. Essentially, I'd like...
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    "Lock, Stock" Live Play-through at Lightship95

    Recorded at Lightship95, this is a live play-through video of one of a few original songs I wrote and performed. I used my TAMA Starclassic Maple, Pearl Masters Premium Maple snare, and Sabian cymbals. Hope you like! xx
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    Nick from London, UK! :)

    Hi guys, Thanks for letting me be part of this forum - the drummers' community is small, but always friendly and welcoming! My name is Nick Schlesinger, and I'm a professional drummer. I teach privately, do live and studio session work (mainly for independent artists), and occasionally write...