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    Potential high school shooting in progress...

    I just heard about the local high school here being on lock down, a student is inside with three firearms. We'll see how it turns'll make the evening news no doubt.
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    A visit from the law...

    ...And not for a noise complaint! Wish it was though. I don't usually make posts on internet forums griping about stuff but this...just freaking wow, I kinda need to get this off my chest. I've had an ongoing issue of my roommate (and the person staying in her room) not paying bills, leaving...
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    My refinished 1978 Rogers in clear lacquer

    This little beauty popped up on Kijiji two nights ago, the guy selling was right down the street from where I live so I hopped on my legs and walked over to check it out. Whilst tuning and tweaking things I learned a bit about the history of these guys. About a year ago when the old...
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    Sabian and Long & McQuade giving me the run around...

    So, I bought a Sabian 22" Omni slightly over 3 months ago from Long & McQuade. The long and short of it, I'm not happy with the Omni or either company as a whole right now. *I feel it necessary to mention that I am anything but a neanderthal behind the kit and usually play with 7A maple sticks*...
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    Vintage Zildjian identification

    The ad on Kijiji says 50+ years old so I snatched them all without hesitation, 80 bucks. I did a little googling and the stamp seemed to match a 50's era but I'm no expert. I'll let you guys try your hand.
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    One man's trash

    Around here, people tend to put stuff out on the grassy sidewalk area that they don't want but someone else may conceivably want. It's a pretty good racket, you never know what you might come across. In his spare time, one of my friends likes to pick up electronics or other such things and fix...
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    Can completely off-time notes fit a song?

    Just a random thought, has anyone heard of or used intentionally going way off time and playing a brief 'wall of noise' that isn't musical at all? In fact, it's hard to listen to but only for a few seconds, then easing the listener back in with some catchy riff. Thinking in terms of dynamics...
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    Sanding painted sticks

    Anyone try it? Not a huge fan of the paint but I do love the old Weckl model, thinking of trying it today.
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    PDP snare, what model?

    Picked up this PDP snare from Kijiji today, couldn't go wrong for $25 seeing as I didn't have a wood snare. Not sure exactly on the model though, it's 13x4 wood shell and 8 lugs.
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    Traditional grip rimshots

    Lately I've been playing more traditional grip but I'm having trouble getting consistent rimshots. I do leave my snare flat at fairly normal belt height. Does anyone have any tips aside from tilting the stand?
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    Converted floor tom jazz kit.

    I was a bit anxious to get this project started and my camera battery was dead at the time so there aren't any before shots but this is what used to be a 16 inch royal blue wrap Pearl floor tom, pretty grungy and the heads were beyond garbage. I stripped all the wrap and hardware, sanded off...
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    You know those girls on the internet that suck at drums but get a million views?

    She's one of them. ;) I tried to get her to help me with getting rid of some overtones in my snare, attention span didn't last long enough so I gave up. She and I also prefer Vic Firth sticks, although I like wood tip and she seems to prefer nylon. My roommate's cat, maybe a month or...
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    Does anyone ever mess with your gear?

    At home? Church? Jam space? It's normally not a problem for me, everyone is for the most part respectful of each other's things. Except when I leave the house I guess. I have a 16" bass/snare/hat/ride setup for jazz but just use the snare stand from my main kit, so the snare sits on the floor...
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    What kind of drums are these?

    ...looks kinda old.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Boston - More Than A Feeling I'm in a classic rock mood, previously to this was Journey, ol' Steve Smith. What are you listening to?