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    Playing/Storing E-kit in a cold garage for winter?

    So I got in trouble for playing my ekit in my apartment by management and if i continue to play they could terminate my lease. So my only option is to store it in one of the garages they offer. So i was wondering if playing the kit when its really cold or just just storing it in the garage is...
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    Should i buy new heads?

    Ok so ive been playing on a kit in which i borrowed from a friend for the past year. The kit is ten years old and sounds god awful (im being nice here). i was wondering if i replaced all the heads would i be able to get a good sound out of the kit. I cant remember the exact brand of the kit but...
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    E-Kit for beginner

    Im thinking around 400-600 will get me a good beginner e-kit. Any suggestions would be great. Side Note: havent told my parents that im going to start taking lessons on friday, i have asked for a drum set before and they said no. so i think one of my only options is going to be an e-kit, but im...
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    Parents won't let me buy a drum set

    so currently i cant sleep because i cant stop listening to emarosa and playing the drum beats in my head; this happens pretty frequently and i usually have music going through my head 24/7. I live in a dorm right now and have been practicing drumming for 3 months on a practice pad and 2 jugs of...