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    New Roland VAD103

    First, they have to tilt the tom pad so it's actually playable ergonomically. :geek:
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Mine too. Herb says on a YT interview that unfortunately, the "whipped cream" was really shaving cream. The interviewer said 'that ruined my fantasy.' :LOL:
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    The 10 Best Singing Drummers In Rock History (Article)

    If R&B/funk/soul was being rated, for sure Stevie Wonder would be on that list...
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Hal Blaine... Not the very intro but within the intro to A Taste Of Honey- 1,2,3,4 on the bass drum. And off they went.
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    Happy Birthday Ringo

    Happy B-day, Richie!!! Your drumming is a source of perpetual inspiration. [May your hair and beard be forever dyed to project an eternal image of youthfulness.😁]
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    1978 Acrolite. Purchased 4 years ago and it arrived in nearly mint condition. If it wasn't in that condition, I'd still use it as a go-to!
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    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Drumolator- thank you for your honest, clear and unbiased posts which were always refreshing to read. And thank you for turning me on to a few Sabian cymbals that spurred me to buy and own, which I use regularly-- and which without your opinion chiming in, I would never have investigated to...
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    Greyson Nekrutman & Nick D’Virgilio Talk Big Band Drums

    Just discovered GN on Sweetwater's channel. Inspiring and instructional by the youngest generation of upcoming big band drummers. Will watch more of him.
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    In Case you haven't Seen This.....Bermuda

    Saw this when it first came out several years ago and enjoyed it. Watching it again now and enjoying it... Repeat every 3 years:D
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    Best ride for the money

    If you describe your style(s)/genres of playing, it's much easier to give suggestions.
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    Jeff Porcaro on Low Down

    Jeff's part can be played in a very similar manner by 1 drummer using 2 hand 16th notes. A bit tricky to get right, but it can work. There is a pretty accurate transcription that was free to download, that's been the best reference I've seen...
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    Sabian AAX Concept Crash Cymbal - 17 inch - Sweetwater Exclusive

    Pretty good deal at Sweetwater for $110. I bought the same cymbal in 2018 from Cymbal Fusion and have used it consistently as my primary go-to crash for pop-blues-jazz. This cymbal opens quickly, and is a bit darker but more complex than the usual AAX crashes...
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    And The "Winner" Is . . . .

    Just my opinion, but after trying both cymbals I'd have to agree with Sabian's own web site, which calls the AA Bash Ride "a Crash-Ride edition of our Raw Bell Dry Ride – but bigger and lighter!"
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    Recommended heads for Sonor Players 20x12 kick drum

    Absolutely this. Superkick is too muted. I've used the Players kit for Blues and Rock with a Remo PS3 for the batter and a ported PS3 resonant with good results.
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    Removing drums from existing tracks

    I downloaded the free version for PC since I hate using any phone for this type of work and prefer to save everything on the PC hard drive. Works quite well, the email they send allows you to download the separate tracks for free as well. Free version limits to 5 uploads, but I'll probably do...