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    Bass drum “sweet spot”

    My BD's have been 12-14" deep (12 being the Sonor Player kit BD), but a friend who builds custom drums built his own set with a 20 x 15, as he knew that sound was a solid compromise between 14 and 16 depths. I'd love to hear a 20 x 15 and wouldn't mind owning one as well.
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    Ddrum upping their game?

    Beautiful looking drum set. Funny how Ddrum is sticking with the cannon sized bass drums, though. I haven't seen a shallow sized BD from them before (12-15" deep).
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    Cymbal Fest #1 - Ride Cymbals

    Feast your eyes and ears on this incredible collection of ride cymbals that Rick Dior owns and demos.
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    Dark but not trashy?

    I recently purchased a used Sabian Vanguard 20" Ride. Dark but good articulation, a thin and relatively light cymbal perfect for small groups. I suppose the list of dark but not trashy cymbals could be quite extensive (and subjective).
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    Nick D'Virgilio - My new Sabian Cymbal stash

    A bunch of new Sabian cymbals and models demo'd, with the usual informative, concise and entertaining reviews by Nick D. I love watching his videos and his drumming at the end with those cymbals sounds beautiful.
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    What cheap cymbal surprised you?

    Another of the 2 inexpensive ( but not "cheap" in the sense of it lacking quality) cymbals I recently purchased ( on Amazon) that has worked out very well is the 16" Paiste PST Cajon crash. It's easily opened crashability, slightly dark/trashy sound, and light ride capabilities has allowed me...
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    What cheap cymbal surprised you?

    Sabian Monarch XSR 14" Hi Hats. Bought them several weeks ago, used from GC online, very happy with the drier sound they give. I also am enjoying their visual look as the icing on the cake. Value priced compared to other premium lines, but the definitive chick and crisp stick definition are...
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    Evans dB One Low Volume Cymbals and Mesh Drumheads

    Evans enters the quiet volume market. Nick D. demos. Anyone tried the heads or cymbals yet?
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    Drum Candy podcast: new format

    Post a link so others can find it quickly?
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    Sabian XSR Monarch

    Must be great to add that to your collection. I've been interested in the Monarch line for around 5 years but didn't have a need until recently for small very quiet trio work. Love the sound and crashability. Recently found a used pair of 14 Monarch hats on GC for a good price, purchased--...
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    Cymbals for low volume situations

    I've had these Monarchs in mind for a while now. When they first came out, my local GC actually had them on display and I sampled a few and was quite surprised by the low volume they generated even with stronger hits, the pleasant mellow sounds. Plus, I'm a big Sabian fan. But they weren't...
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    Roc-N-Soc Nitro or Manual spindle

    I've used 2 Nitros exclusively for the last 8 years. The first one has a saddle seat, which initially I thought felt comfortable, but after buying the 2nd one with a round seat I found my bass drum technique felt easier with the round one-- almost as if the saddle seat inhibited my leg muscle's...
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    Basic Hand Technique Revisited Part 1- The Traditional Grip

    Another high quality, well explained instructional from (IMO) one of the best percussionists and teachers on the internet. As a teacher, Rick has the rare ability to impart technique and knowledge in a way that demystifies the esorterics, while simplifying the solutions. And highly enjoyable.
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    Remo Inc. Factory Tour with Nick D'Virgilio

    Love Nick's/Sweetwater's percussion videos. This newest video is another winner.