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    The early stages of using the Roland SPD-SX in a band situation

    I started using the SX to augment simple things in a 3 piece band. For example, in a typical classic rock song, I would trigger the rhythm guitar backing during the guitar solo so the sound stayed "full". Another example would be songs from The Cars which had short signature synth parts which...
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    What's ONE piece of gear that made you change the way you play your whole kit?

    remote HH on the right side.....and snare centered
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    Depression and drumming

    Tough love ^. I like it! Look around and you will notice that life sucks and it's depressing. You can wallow in it or you can do something about it. I understand that it's easier said than done. I have spent WAY too much of my life being depressed when there was absolutely no excuse for...
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    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    Maybe someone would be able to share their experience and offer something from a different perspective. My view, for me, is, I wouldn't do it. I got spoiled by playing with good vocals/harmony and I wouldn't enjoy playing without them.
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    Playing To A Click Live

    My favorite was a sample pad with various tempos loaded. I could turn it on/off if necessary with a drumstick hitting a trigger pad. It's easier just to let it play through but, if someone train wrecks, it's nice to have a simple start/stop option.
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    Who is the customer for top end e-kits?

    The triggers are dynamically OK if you use a decent module. The snare is obviously not as sharp and reactive as an acoustic but for me, it doesn't have to be. Ghost notes are there but you can't hear them like you can with an A snare. You are hearing what you play coming from speakers instead of...
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    Who is the customer for top end e-kits?

    Thats what I love about them and that is what the general public loves about them, even though they probably don't know it. Musicians seem to be looking for a classic band sound where the public wants it to sound like the record. I spent the money on a good Roland module and added...
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    Covers that don't work with the original drum part...

    I think that "main groove" is 30% of the song. Of course you can rewrite any song in any fashion but I would use the essence of the original if I were to do that.
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    How can a drummer be expected to know....

    How can a drummer be expected to know how hard/loud to play his drums, ESPECIALLY the snare, when he is sitting behind all the speakers? This is such a common occurrence and I heard it again last night at a casino. It was a nice 6 piece pop/R&B band. No mics on the drums (not necessary). The...
  10. N long should it take to learn....

    ...the intro to Def Leppard's Rock Of Ages? It should be a no brainer, right? Just keep the cowbell going and it's a simpleish kick and snare pattern, right? I had to map it out and play it at least 50 times before I could keep the cowbell going at the end of the first half. After maybe a...
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    First gig with our new guitarist

    Private party last month. Our new guitarist was born in 91, a decade after the music we play was current :). He could easily be my grandson :)
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    My A to E kit at work

    We kind of found a niche doing private party gigs. 4 or 5 times the money of a bar gig and usually only a couple sets. The 50th birthday event seems to be a huge demand right now because we have several lined up..
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    SPD-SX storage

    I just heard from a reputable source that the SPD's memory is just a simple flash drive. This means you can open up the SX and simply plug in a larger one. I have heard lots of people complaining about the limited space but never heard that it was easy to remedy.
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    My 80's cover band *updated

    We venture into the 90's a bit, but generally stick to the 80's "hits" We take the time to record everything (in the living room) so there are no questions about who does what, when. We get it to sound as good as we can and use it as a benchmark.