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    Tama Hyperdrive or Ludwig Centennial?

    Hi everyone, I was going to buy a new Ludwig Centennial set like the one below (with all that hardware) for 1.400€ . But I just saw a guy who is selling a Tama Hyperdrive like the one below (shells only) The thing is I like big sets like the Ludwig and i don't really think I could use the...
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    Another crash cymbal or effect cymbal?

    Hi everyone! The thing is, my set has 6 cymbals, and I'm planning on changing the 14" crash that I have next to my hi hat, and I'm wondering if I should buy another crash (I have a 19" Meinl byzance) or an effect cymbal like a trash crash or something like that. Is it useful to have two...
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    Meinl Byzance or Zildjian A?

    Hi everyone, my 16" Zildjian ZBT broke a few weeks ago and I was looking up to buy a 19" Meinl Byzance brilliant medium thin crash (370€) but I saw a 19" Zildjian A medium thin crash for 294€. So my point is, is it worth the money? Because I see lots of drummers playing with Zildjian A so I'm...