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    Snare vs. Room

    Good Morning Drummerworld. Of course this is all a bit frivolous with close mic'ing but I think it is still important, and of course I'd love to get your opinions. So... if you're so fortunate as to have a choice, which snare drums do choose for which rooms? I like metal shells in muddy rooms...
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    Remo Logo Changes

    Anyone noticed that the Remo logo underwent some "modernization"? I noticed it today when I put a 12" head on a new aux snare. The words "Weather King" and the tuning forks are now absent, and the logo has been inflated by about 10%. I like the clean-ness but I think it is a little big.
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    Letting minor mistakes get to me... (drum solo on TV)

    One of the bands I'm in had a performance and interview recorded for a full length program on a local TV station! I'm very grateful for it. BUT I think I didn't play very well (which is why I'm not sharing the whole thing). I did kind of hold it together for these 16 bars of call and...
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    Auralex Hovermat?

    Any experience with this product?
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    Removing the wrap from old Ludwigs?

    Has anyone tried it? I might be crazy enough to do it to mine if the outer plies look nice. If it helps, my years are '67 and '69. Nerf
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    Jeff Beck w/ Vinnie (Full Crossroads 07 Set) Jeff Beck, Jason Rebello, Tal Wilkenfeld and of course Vinnie Colaiuta. This is a great (dynamic!) recording of this band and I've never heard them sound better than this. The Ronnie Scott's stuff wasn't this tight or inspired.
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    Imposing 7 over 5/8

    Playing 7 over 5/8 Here's a short (60 second) video where I generally wank around trying to get more comfortable with odd time. The 7/5 idea somehow came out very naturally earlier yesterday or today so I decided to document it. -Eric
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    Where do you draw the line with Frankenstein?

    For a couple of years now I've been using Mapex Saturn drums with a 22" bass drum as a main kit. As you may know, they are notoriously heavy. I have been carrying a 20x16 Tama Starclassic B/B bass drum in its place simply because it's so much easier to transport. Thus, right now I'm gigging...
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    Funk rock tune with an outro solo in 9 There are couple odd time bits elsewhere. One of the better examples of this tune so far, though I barely hold it together at the end.
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    Disposing of old/ripped soft cases?

    How do you get rid of your ripped drum bags? I feel bad throwing them away. I don't think they're recyclable and I have NO shortage of items to stuff in the bass drum ;) P.S, Roadrunner and Gator soft bags are pretty terrible in the longevity category.
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    Coping with a bad recording session

    Today I had a session. It was going to be smooth sailing. 4 or 5 tunes, cut live, all pro, fun stuff. Some moments were better than others, but overall I felt like I wasn't giving them what they wanted. It was really not my best work and today I drove home feeling like an athlete that lost...
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    DIY Bass Drum Patch

    If you ask me, these are overpriced: So have any of you had success with making them out of old heads, or gaff tape or some other method? I tried using a strip of gaff tape and played right through it (didn't break the head...
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    My attempt at a Steve Jordan kind of groove

    Any feedback is appreciated! Here's the video: and here's Steve's playing that inspired me to make the video:
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    Erskine: Class is now in session Check out Peter Erskine's effortless burning from just a few weeks ago. I wish this video was a lot longer than 3 minutes. I especially love the 3 over 4 bit he plays right near the beginning, incorporating the hihat.
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    Just a groove