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    Passing On Experience

    While there is a plethora of information on this forum, it is all over the place within the forum. I thought it may be nice to have a one stop shop that young people can reference and perhaps gain some insight from the experience of others. Even us old people can learn as well. Some rules...
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    good Craviotto deal for someone

    I was just at the GC in Sacramento CA and saw a used beautiful Craviotto Maple snare for sale for $850. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my wife was with me else it probably would have come home with me ;-). The also had a few high end DWs and a Black Beauty, but the Craviotto was so much...
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    Good and bad customer service.

    After reading a (rather unjust) thread about bad products, companies, and customer service, I was curious to see what other people have experienced - both good and bad - over the past few years from the big retailers and manufactures they contacted because of an issue, for information or to buy...
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    NorCal Percussionsts Thread

    Inspired by the PNW thread and some of the responses, this seemed appropriate. ;-) So who is all in NorCal from Monterey to Tahoe to the Oregon border and what would you like to share? Ill start: I'm about 30 Miles East of Sacramento at the edge of the Sierras. Relocated to Calf in 1989...
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    Memory Lane - Music Row

    There is a thread on the forum about Buddy Rich memorabilia in which a store named "Manny's" is mentioned. This triggered some fond memories for me. In the 70s and early 80s I can recall going NYC's Music Row on 48th street many times to purchase equipment. This WAS the place to go no...
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    Vinyl Wrappng

    Has anyone ever vinyl wrapped drum shells (professionally of course) or is that a really bad idea?
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    Case sizes and Protection Racket

    are drum size designations supposed to be standard? for instance, I have an 8x10 TOM. I was under the impression that those dimensions always reference a drum with a 10" head and an 8" height. So when a case is needed, it should also be the the same metric used. This does not appear...
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    Ludwig Restoration Advice Request

    Hi. I have a Ludwig Super Classic 3 piece set (13, 16, and 22) in oyster pearl psychedelic red that I purchased in 1969. The Bass Drum is has an Apr 24, 1968 stamp on the wood. I’m not sure if Ludwig put the stamp there but I am fairly sure they may have since I bought them in a...
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    Thread about bad hardware?

    There are a lot of questions about what is the 'best' in all the categories on this forum. The answers, unfortunately, are all subjective since not everyone uses or have used every drum or cymbal or piece of hardware and we all have our own preferences. It seems to be a good idea to give...
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    Lots of Information

    A gentleman listed a link on the SonorMuseum and I wanted to share it here. It is a 1982 Sonor Catalog. The first 12 pages are all about drum design, shell materials, different head selection, etc. While the electronic scopes and equipment shown being used in the pictures are definitely...
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    A Star at Guitar Center

    A few months ago I had an issue with some DW parts I bought at 2 different stores that were different. I had discussed the really trivial issue on this forum and and got a lot of different responses. I traded numerous emails with both Guitar Center and DW to no avail. I had all but given...
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    did any else see this?

    This was really funny! Word matching for advertizing at its best. ;-)
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    Sound person as part of the band

    There has been a lot of discussion about volumes, mik'ing, and so forth. Is there any kind of trend today for bands, even small clubbing bands, for using a dedicated sound person/engineer (who owns their own gear) that is a true part of the band (as opposed to hiring someone when needed)...
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    We all talk about who influences or influenced our playing the most. I had the privilege to see Gene Krupa play live in Atlantic City NJ when I was really young. With YouTube you can find almost anything these days. While this was not the venue I was at, it was the show I saw. It was...
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    Thoughts on gear

    Hi. A friend of mine has a really nice studio. In it he has Beech Mapex Series M drums that are a bit dead sounding. He asked me about that, so Im going to work with him and replace all the old heads, get rid of the dead-ringers and pillows, and open up the sound a little more. He also...