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    Cymbal Cases Should Be Square

    If we're talking about rigid cases, a round shape can withstand a lot more force than a square can. So a round case will presumably offer much better protection, simply because it's much harder to deform a circle. For soft bags, I doubt the shape will have much of an impact (heh).
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    Yup, I hang around Talkbass a lot. Great forum.
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    Very basic midi drum recording question

    Yep, USB should be enough. But be aware that your e-kit might send different MIDI notes than your drum plugin requires. You might be able to edit the MIDI note of each individual drum and cymbal on the Alesis drum module, so just look up what notes your drum plugin uses for its snare, kick...
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    Thanks! All is well. I now play bass, and we found a drummer who's way better than I ever was 😄
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    This one, almost completely. I still visit, but I almost never post anymore. The main reason is that I've moved away from the drums and I now play bass almost exclusively, including in my band. Not saying I won't be back in this forum and/or behind a drum kit, but at the moment I'm not devoting...
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    Does anybody perform live with 5-ish" snare?

    Pretty much every gig I've done have been with either a 14x5 or 14x5.5 snare. The only exception was a run of 4-5 gigs ten years ago where I brought my 14x6.5 Black Beauty with me, but because of shoddy hardware that was soon retired from live use. Never had any issue with the sound of my...
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    Forum hacked

    Password managers are our friends. They generate random passwords for every site, and then they remember them and fill them out for you.
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    Saturn Series help!

    Same badges, lugs and hardware as my old Saturn from 2012; I believe that was back when they just called it "Saturn" (not "Saturn Pro", "Saturn IV", etc). If I had to guess: This is a Mapex Saturn in the "Bop" configuration, and it's about 10 years old. Finish looks like it might be...
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    They've got a few artists on their web side, but I don't think I've heard of any of them
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    Do we have a Bot on here?

    Everyone here is a bot except you
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    The computer doesn't say anything, it's a tool like any other tool in the studio. It's flesh and blood people who are making those decisions, and we can always choose to work with other people instead. Stop blaming computers, click tracks, samples and software for the music you don't like. If...
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    The way I see it, click tracks in the studio have two main purposes: - It will keep the drummer and/or band in line if they have a tendency to rush or drag (where it doesn't fit the song) - It allows for easy editing of tracks after recording - You can cut any part from any take and replace it...
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    Ever mount a small mixer to a drum stand? Show me pics! :)

    I just used a stand-mounted percussion table. Gave me space for a few extra things too.
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    What cost you more? Your car or your music gear?

    These days, definitely my cars (we have two of them). That's only been the case for the last five years though, after moving to the country (which meant we needed two cars) and becoming a dad (which meant we needed something safe and reasonably sized). Until that, I'd say my gear had a...
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    Why, when I "like" a post...

    I'm 99% sure this was just a ploy to get people to like your post because they wanted to test your claim. For the record: I did not get a confirmation page