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    Purchasing multiple cymbals at the same time

    If it was me, I would only get one and see how I liked it. Unless there was some discount for getting both at the same time or limited stock type issues.
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    Help identifying mic

    Thank you! Your link led me in the right direction. It’s a clone Electro Voice 926 Crystal mic licensed to sell by Knight Microphones.
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    Help identifying mic

    Anyone have an idea of what I have here? I was at a garage sale buying some tools and the lady threw this in for free. I tried searching the internet but had no luck. There are some studio savvy people on this forum so I thought I would check here before I venture to other forums. The base/stand...
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    Trick driveshaft

    I bought some trick pedals and was shocked at how responsive the slave pedal was. It’s hard to believe one of the big companies didn’t make a better drive-shaft before Trick. Those all black PDP pedals look way cool.
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    Trick Aftermarket springs....

    ACD Unlimited makes a few replacement parts for Trick pedals. They have a bias rod upgrade that is supposed to change the feel of the pedal and preload cylinders you can put in with the springs. They are based out of Europe I believe.
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    should i get a double bass pedal?

    Yeah, I don’t know anything about it. I just saw that video and remembered this thread and it looked to me like what you were saying you wanted. I noticed that video didn’t have many views or comments. It’s a shame the person that posted it won’t take inquiries. Well at least we know it can be...
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    what made you want to start drumming?

    Because I wanted to rock and I didn’t have a guitar.
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    You guys sounded great! Really good production overall too.
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    How should I expand my kit?

    If you can fit it to hit it then you should git it. Lol, I’m just jealous because I’m stuck with a 5pc and wish I had more toms. I used to have a 8/10/12/13/14/16/22 export kit and I miss it.
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    should i get a double bass pedal?

    Is this what you’re talking about? I ran across this video today and thought about this thread.
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    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    Said every grandpa ever.
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    Noob Question: How Long to Wait Before Upgrading Cymbals

    If you’re a basher you may want to affirm you’re cymbal technique with a drummer you respect. I’d hate to spend a lot of money and then crack it. As an experienced musician, it’s probably not as likely as a teenage rock n roller. Just thought it was worth throwing out there as I’m not sure your...
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    Export vs Rockstar

    I should clarify, the 100 isn‘t in itself a ”great deal” but I think 1599 for that set is. I completely agree with you. I feel like under 15% off isn’t worth scrambling over. Musicians Friend sends me a 20% off coupon about once a month saying “we miss you.”
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    NPD Czarcie Kopyto Double

    Pretty sure this guy got banned from the forum shortly after this discussion (many months ago). There was a period where it was hard to discuss pedals without his shenanigans blowing up the thread. I believe wildbill was being sarcastic about statements made by the pedal troll.
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    Export vs Rockstar

    I called and it was $100 off the listed price of $1,699.00. So $1599.00 which I think is a great deal for those drums.