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    Tama Starclassic Performer (birch/maple) vs. All Maple

    They should work fine. I use them to listen to music too. Etys just fit the bill for me. I like a flat response and bass that has some punch but never drowns anything else out. They also are great at isolation (I use the 3 flange tips). You would probably be happy with the cheaper ones...
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    heel toe - help

    Sorry, I didn’t notice the convo had changed from heel toe to just ankles.
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    heel toe - help

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I can’t imagine doing rlrl while doing heel toe at speeds >180. I mean, I’ve seen videos of people doing crazy stuff like that using the traditional “heel toe” (as opposed to “ball of the foot-toe”) but I feel like those people are the exception. I think...
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    Tama Starclassic Performer (birch/maple) vs. All Maple

    I have the KZ ZST as well as Shure 215 and an older model of the etymotic you mentioned. The etymotics are my favorites. The KZs are nice, but a little too bass heavy for my taste. They are great when monitoring the bass player live, but playing by myself I like the 215s better. Nothing like a...
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    Seriously considering Trick hi-hat pedal

    I couldn’t tell you. I don’t have any first hand experience with the Czarcie Kopyto. It looks absolutely amazing. I will say that I would love to try it and an ACD Unlimited Darwin pedal someday. Those types of pedals aren’t really common in my neck of the woods though. I don’t even know if...
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    Stick Experimentation Disease?

    I’ve been suffering from stick experimentation disease for the last 3 years. I was settled on Ahead for quite a few years. Time with my drums slowed down substantially when I had a child. After about a 2 year break (for lack of a better term) I decided I would start using trees again. I’ve used...
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    Pedal mounted triggers

    I wondered the same thing when I first started researching what triggers to get. I’ve never used any of the pedal mounted triggers, but have read that you can control dynamics. To what extent I’m not sure.
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    heel toe - help

    One of the members here, beyondbetrayal, has some easily understandable explanations of his technique. There is more involved than just foot technique when you’re beginning. The tightness of the head, spring tension, beater distance, and foot placement are all things I had to dial in just...
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    Corn starch practice pad?

    That was super cool. I’m an elementary teacher, so I’ve made that stuff many times. I’m ashamed that I’ve never thought to play on it like I do every other surface in the classroom (with #2 sticks, of course).
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    Roland RT-MicS

    It seems really cool to me. Of course I would only consider it at its current price point. My only worry is if the mic on it is just totally horrendous. Then it would basically just be a stand alone trigger which isn’t quite as interesting.
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    Roland RT-MicS

    Does anyone have any experience using the Roland RT-MicS trigger? It has been on sale for $99 for a while now. It looks interesting but I’m having trouble finding objective reviews on it, which is strange because it’s been around for a few years now. Maybe it’s just not that popular?
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    It's not all bad news in the musical instrument industry - Sweetwater hits $1 billion revenue

    ^This. My local shop rarely has what I’m looking for and it’s 30 minutes away. I try to buy there, but I’ve been using Sweetwater a lot more lately. Especially since the pandemic.
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    Covid -19

    Just to throw some irony into the situation, one of the common symptoms is loss of smell. If whoever smelt it did in fact deal it, you’re probably good.
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    First double bass pedal

    If there’s nothing wrong with your current pedals, I wouldn’t waste time buying another entry-level set. It’s not clear why you want to upgrade. No one will see your pedals at a gig and unless there’s a god awful squeak or something, they won’t affect the sound on a recording. That being said...