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    woodshed....with a view

    got to house sit for 4 days/nights, and play my drums as loud as I wanted with no nieghbor drama, and a view of the ocean and channel islands of the back deck, it was great, only wish I could of had a weeked, as I work 10 hour days, so I played about 3 hours every night.
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    which foot technique ?

    ok, I've only ever played heel down, and always swore, I'd never need anything else, but I'm currently obsessed with learning " I hate everything about you" by 3 days grace. I know every part of the song, but the right foot during the verse is just too fast, I'm slowly incorporating basic heel...
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    ruined by rods

    so, for about 8 months I've used nothing but multi-rods--not because i like them, but to reduce volume---do to ongiong fued with crazy neighbors. yesterday, I took my drums into my landlord's house and was able to play full volume with real sticks for the first time in about 6 months ( my drums...
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    ups just dropped off my 18" sabian omni, seems a nice fit with my 16" aa thin crash, and 19" zildjian avedis thin crash...when ever I play the edge of this sounds like the intro to the Doors' L.A woman for some I won't be buying any more drums stuff........................ ?
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    Any one else ?

    Hey I'm really gonna play my drums today, this is gonna be great::phone rings: my niece need a ride to the airport:: get home: Oh no, I don;t have any clean work uniforms, have to do laundry:: woe, my phone bill is due, have to rush this right down to the p.o:: I'm starving havnt ate in hours...
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    my soul mate...

    pulled the picture can do justice to this beautiful finish, I drove 80 miles, but only paid as much as a 18" sabian omni, for the whole 5 piece kit! I'm still in shock. I'm not even going to set them up, until all chrome is cleaned, and all threads cleaned up.
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    craigslist mental cases!

    so, a while back, was looking at some drums on CL, and saw one I would like...but no posted price. I sent an email, and just asked "how much". the guy sends back an email, saying so many people are coming over to look...blah blah blah. then gave a price, that was about double what they were new...
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    b.o.c ebay!

    any one seen the Premier drum set the Blue Oyster Cult drummer has on ebay ? it's the set he used since 1971, and includes a drum lesson " any where in the world, at his expense" also a cymbal stand given to him by niel Pert...for Rush fans. way too much money for me, but be kind of cool if I...
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    constant hats ?

    I notice most drummers keep constant time with the left foot on the hats, when thay arnn't playing the hats with sticks. I never learned to do this. how important is it ? I always keep time with eithert my right hand, wheather it's playing hats or ride cymble, ot what ever, I don't have an issue...
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    nu edg ?

    any one used these things ? it's a composit bearing edge and hoop. I guess it's meant for drums with a bad edge--which I have-- but I have never heard any one talk about these one way or the other.
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    tuning: what does this mean ???

    2 weeks ago, I put new heads on my toms ( 12" ) and (14") I have been tuning them 2 times a week ( as needed ) I'm new to drum tuning, and I read everthing I could on here and elsewhere and watched every youtube vid about tuning...what happens is, I detune a little bit, then tune back up, to a...
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    I have joined the Black Panthers

    I love this drum, can't wait till this weekend to play it all day
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    growing on me

    last month I was given a zildjian 19" thin crash, that had a small crack in the middle. The guy that gave it to me gets lots of free gear, so it was just in his way, I'm a sabian guy, really love my 13" aa fast hats and 16" aa thin crash. I went ahead and repaired the 19, with grey automotive...
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    Is this wrong !

    I have a 16" sabian thin crash....I and I crashes it...and I ride it, and I crash ride it..and I ride the bell....and the 20" ping ride, just sits over there and watches.
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    Help Identify this kit please ? thanks.