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    1978 Yamaha D900 Pre Recording Custom - Information Request

    The single lugs (9000) came before the high tension (Recording Custom), that had to do with the time period, and not the location. I have to check the catalogs for the years they switched (it wasn't a overnight one year switch if I remember correct). The made in Taiwan/made in Japan had only...
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    Advice please! PDP concept series kit - should I buy or pass?

    I wouldn’t say that. The Concept Classic series can measure itself easy with Collector’s series or other brand’s top series, its only build differently. Maybe one of the few from PDP, but certainly well worth it and for a lot less. And that comes from someone with over 12k of DW kit in the...
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    Recommendations for (non-BD) tom mounts?

    A stealth rack is a ver low to the ground mini rack on either side of the kit to mount things of. the more it gets in the way visually, the less stealthier it becomes. Good choice. As it will give you both the flexibility of a rack and stands. You can even opt for leaving the rack in your...
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    The mic mount or boundary mic attach to the foam lock tight, it won;t move, when traveling with the kick. If you don't use the mic attachement, and just a boundary mic, the foam will stay in place without velcro too. Even when using a lighter mic (like the E602) on the attachement will not...
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    You wouldn’t say… The Sonitus needs velcro if you use the mic bracket and travel. My kick is stationary so it doesn’t matter to me, but it needs to be said.
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    Recommendations for (non-BD) tom mounts?

    My rack is a DW rack. Its stainless steel so a lot tougher than Gibraltar, but only slightly heavier. I had Gibraltars in the last 23 years when playing Yamaha untill I moved to DW. I love the sleeker lines you get with the DW horizontal mounts too. The only downside is that you have less...
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    Nice set, beater set, which goes where?

    For this reason, I need a beater kit The pride and joy is the dedicated studio kit. I don’t even have cases for it (when I did, I took her outside once last year) I was thinking of getting a custom case, but with a tag of 1900,- I held off from that idea for now. But this beast is being...
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    NDD - Noonan Mahogany/Poplar Nesting drumset

    This would be killer for me in a 10x7, 13x12, and 16x13 size. Which price ball park do I have to think of when go that route?
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    If you can get one for a good price, try it. What I didn’t like about the Evans, is that it didn’t touch both heads, the mic option (it is flexible btw) at the Sonitus is another plus. As you can see it works and not work for drummers here. I love it (it came with my kit) and will try it...
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    show off your snare

    The custom 15x10 Maple/Mahogany without reinforcement rings and a Feathered Mahogany outerply. The rare 14x5 3mm aluminium cast without reinforcement rings. The rare 10x4,5 3mm aluminium cast without reinforcement rings.
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    The Sonitus and uts mic mount for me. Just enough damping to let the kick still breath. They really thought this through.
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    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    I had a few cast bronze snares and the weight each time made me sell them.
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    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    Both fairly high. I feel they are quite even tuned as I like my batter head thight too, for a proper action of my pedal. I use a DW logo head (these are fairly thin) with micro holes and a larger 4” hole in the bottom centre, with O ring on the reso. The batter is an EQ3 with a double...
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Cool. A Flynn era Brady. Jarrah Ply?
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    Yamaha DTX6K3-X vs DTX950K

    In the instance of the 900 it is. But probably only in this instance indeed.