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    15" deep toms?

    Feel free to drop by when you are in town! It makes for a better story indeed 😬
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    Electronic timps

    I have had the best sucses with the Yamaha DTXM12. They have the perfect, multi layered orchestral/ethnic/oriental sound set and presure sensitive pads for hand and mallet use. They are used in pits a lot...
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    Anyone going to drop 2k on the Armand 100 Cymbal?

    No I refered to someone else and was a reply to the OP who questioned the originallity of the cymbals’ age.
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    Mr. Elvin Jones' Gretsch Floor Tom

    I moved from Yamaha after 28 years, but that shirt, and its color make me love it still!
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    Anyone going to drop 2k on the Armand 100 Cymbal?

    From what I read on DFO, these are original from the vault. So not vintage made.
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    Copper Hoops

    What now?
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    Copper Hoops

    Yes. Lol.
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    Copper Hoops

    Noble & Cooley solid copper hoops
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    Copper Hoops

    Hold my beer.
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    Is there a secret to a no wobble throne?

    No woble on my hydraulic Nitro Roc N Soc either. It swivels, but that is a good thing as it makes that the clamp doesn’t get loosened over time, and makes for a proper posture when going over the kit.
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    15" deep toms?

    I use 15x14 and 18x14 floors. They have a quicker response, and due to the mahogany deeper sounds over-all. My rack toms are all 7” deep. I want the same response from the rack toms so they have the same depth, this goes for the floors too.
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    The Orlando Drummer: Why I Hate 12 Inch Rack Toms

    That is why I (5’4”) went with 7” depths on both racks. I can have them positioned almost flat now.
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    Noble and Cooley SS snare w no re rings

    I expected that seeing the thicker shell and no re-rings.
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    What’s in the Noble and Cooley box?!

    Bob is the inventor of the NC/Zildjian snares, Puresound Wires, Drumframe, DW aluminum wrinkled snares, Evans 360, PDP B.O.A., and many more inventions. Bless his heart and head. I have shared the list on the FB groups.