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    Craviotto is doing ply drums now?

    So this one is a Corder shell? This must be a pre 1994/1985 shell as he started Select that year with Billy. I never heard of Corder until last week when I was researching DW’s slide mount. A conceptet they took/bought from Corder. The first models were outfitted with a Corder model. They...
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    Craviotto is doing ply drums now?

    Here is one from his early days: Pre- Select, pre- Solid, and pre- DW era.
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    British Drum Company needs to stop doing this...

    True. But the last 20-25 years weret very glorious for Premier even here in Europe. So I can totally see why Keith wanted to start fresh and not just another revival of Premier (which by then it had a few times). If it wasn’t for Yamaha’s financial injection Premier would have died earlier...
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    British Drum Company needs to stop doing this...

    Because Premiers history is tainted, and for the last years Wonky. Also Premier is said still to be exist (see why its a slippery slope) and still makes drums.
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    Port holes - Reading some conflicting info

    That is That is actually a Yamaha inspired head with a 10” centre hole, only done now with a clear head and what appears to be more of a 12” or 13” hole. It gives enough space for the engineer, and keep the bass drum structure sound. In the early days of kick miking, some used only a few mm...
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    Reverb Deal - PDP LX 7 piece kit

    I used the pdp ball mount holder when I used roland pads. Solid as they can come, and from the same factory (Reliance) as DW, Gibraltar, Gretsch, Ludwig etc. I stil use PDP pedals my custom DW rig.
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    No more Paypal (fees) on ebay.

    I can’t even use Paypal without a credit card on eBay for some reason.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    For me theses days: 14” is a bit too small. 15” is cool 16” is great. As accents. For anything else cymbal-wise I use my 20” and 24” cymbals. Splashes need to be 10” max for me. 12’ is a bit too big I found. I am still looking for an 8” brilliant K splash.
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    There are power toms, and then there are POWER TOMS!

    For such mamoth toms, the bass drum support was invented 😂😂😂
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    Reverb Deal - PDP LX 7 piece kit

    Ahh I read it like the 16” was hanging in the beginning and possibly converted later on.
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    Reverb Deal - PDP LX 7 piece kit

    Weren’t they regular fast sized hanging 16” floors with a 14” depth? Those can be concerted quite easy.
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    Dave Grohl Icon Snare.

    Nothing wrong with filtered coffee. Yes. I said it.
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    Yamaha Club Custom Owners...

    Someone said Club Customs? 12/16/18. I didn’t bought the matching snare to save on costs. I might buy it when the John Robinson and vintage Jarrah Block habeen sold. Now only find a 14” and 18” floor to run a three floor setup.
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    British Drum Company needs to stop doing this...

    Its not new, and Ludwig wasn’t the first with that design either.
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    Thoughts on Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage?

    The Stage Customs are under rated. Especially the older ones with Philipine Mahogany, which adds more lows and warmth. That is why the RTC is my favorite over the RC too. I still use the 10” snare from the this first gen with high tension lugs.