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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Here's mine... PDP CX Royal Onyx 10x8, 14x12, 22x18 60's 16" Zildjian Crash (thin, out of frame), 18" A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash, 21" Sweet Ride, 13" k/z hats, acrolite snare.
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    DW Collector's Series NEW $2427 - good deal?

    I saw these at the local GC. It's Collector Series in broken glass wrap brand new. 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18x22. Is $2427 a great deal or just average? They also have the same setup in black velvet (oil rubbed red finish with black hardware) for $2791. I just like the wrap cuz it will look cool...
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    Pedal parts online... does anyone have a good source?

    I want to get a Rollling Glide cam for my Power Glide (Iron Cobra) pedal. Anybody know an online source for parts like this? My searches haven't turned up anything.
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    Need help dating Acrolite snare

    I saw this on EBay and it looks fishy. Notice there's no nuffler control to the left of the badge? The guy says there is no muffler, but according to the dating guide on this site it was never offered without it. Also the serial number is 3131143 which (I think) places it in the 80's but the...
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    Roc n Soc - to bounce or not to bounce

    I've settled on getting a nice Roc n Soc throne. I'm having trouble deciding if I want the one with the shock that bounces a little or the solid one. I think the bouncing would be cool but then again maybe not. Anybody got any insight on the pros and cons of a bouncy throne? I'm gonna try it...
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    Gimme Shelter Pacific CX Series

    Here's a vid of me playing. I'm a noob. Still good for a laugh hopefully for some of you. It's my first acoustic kit. Pacific CX Series Royal Onyx fusion sizes. Enjoy!