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    Switching from Electronic to Acoustic - Things to expect?

    Thanks everyone! @No Way Jose "I guess you'll have to test it out and see if you need monitors" That's part of my question actually (but not conveyed well myself). How would I know if I need them? What problems would it be able to solve exactly. Thanks! @AzHeat EAD10 looks pretty cool...
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    Switching from Electronic to Acoustic - Things to expect?

    Hi folks, Current situation for the last 15 or so years: Playing electronic exclusively I have an acoustic set that I converted to electronic (for play-ability and feel) Not gigging, and instead just play in my basement and 1 or 2 friends come over and play guitar/bass/sing Everything goes...
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    Double Bass Drum Rolls still not coming together

    I've had a double bass pedal for years. I'm fine playing it in short stints, like as a 4-e-&-a, and do that all the time, but when it comes to long rolls I just can't get good at it. My main issue is that my notes aren't evenly spaced when doing a long roll. Like 1-e are too close together...
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    Rejuvenating a bass pedal?

    Hey folks, I have an iron cobra HP900PTW Powerglide double bass pedal that I bought probably 15 years ago. Over the course of the years I've gone through periods where I didn't play it much and it was in storage. Fast forward to present day and I hate the thing. I can't play it fast at all...