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    Aaron Spears: R.I.P.

    Wow, totally unexpected, he was only 47. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
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    Song Suggestions Needed

    Red Skies at Night is also another great track by The Fixx
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    Song Suggestions Needed

    Easy Lover- Phil Collins Eminence Front- The Who One Thing Leads to Another- The Fixx
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    what is this drumming style? is it disco?

    Doesn't get any better than this.
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    Is this Drumming right?

    He's mainly just playing quarter notes with the bass drum during the breaks which sound ok but he sporadically will play offbeat 8th notes on the hi hat for a bar or 2. I just find the offbeat accents don't fit the song.
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    Is this Drumming right?

    Looks like he likes to ride on his thigh during the breaks. Just an opinion, don't know if the 16th note groove accenting the &'s on the hi hat really fits the song. Can't hear the floor tom in the mix.
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    The Top 9 Most Famous Left-Handed Drummers

    Stewart Copeland
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    When you don't click with your bass player

    This is a major league nitpicking story.
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    When you don't click with your bass player

    There is a fine line between constructive criticism and nit picking, you auditioned for his band and he obviously thought you were good enough but now seems to find nothing but fault with what you are doing. This is a red flag for sure, nit picking is a pattern of behavior and from what you've...
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    12 Best Punk Drummers of All Time

    Does Derrick Plourde qualify for the list?
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    Biggest lies about drumming you've ever been told

    I offered a guitar player a quick lesson on how to count which would help him figure out where shots land instead of just guessing. He countered that I was trying to force him to read music and that rhythm is my responsibility not his. One of the dumbest responses I've ever heard.
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    Dennis Chambers

    He's a pretty good bass player also.
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    Greatest Drummers Who Switched To A Different Instrument.

    Dennis and the bass player switch instruments.