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    What are you listening to right now?

    Frank Zappa, one of the best live albums ever.
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    Dennis Chambers

    Dennis is one of my favorite drummers ever, hearing him on Scofield's "Pick Hits" album made me an instant fan. Wishing Dennis a speedy recovery and seeing him get back to tearing it up on the drumset.
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    Seems legit

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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    I prefer the one set of stems also.
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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    There are some sites that have decent transcriptions for drums, and has good charts for songs you may be looking for. They only cost about $5.00 for each song transcription. Good for you though that you are willing to learn how to read music, it is...
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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    I think you may mean behind it. It should be an Eighth Note rest followed by a single Eighth Note. Also the person that transcribed it could put quarter note rests on beats 1 and 3 of the snare line and a quarter note rests on beat 2 and 4 of the bass drum line. Sometimes people are not aware...
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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    Yeah, you would play it like a regular bass drum note. Whoever did the transcription either forgot to write in the Eighth Note rests or was too lazy to include them. There is an Eighth Note rest in the first bar(after the pickup fill), don't know why the person didn't include them in the rest of...
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    Bass drum notation for drum sheet music

    You are right, it is on the" and" of 3 (bars 11,12 and 13). Bar 10 is on the "and" of 1, Bar 8 is on the "and" of 4. There should be an Eighth Note rest before the note to easily understand it better. It is just an off beat Eighth Note
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    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    Yeah, the bridge/ guitar solo section in Jump is tricky. Needs a bit of rehearsal to get that down.
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    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Oh Man, that is so sad to hear. There were rumours going around that he was struggling with his health but I was hoping they were not true. A true innovator as a guitar player, this is a huge loss.
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    Rick Dior

    I've seen many of his videos and you're right his knowledge, experience, and performance in drumming is second to none.
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    Why do you Play?

    I do it because I love the load in and out, especially when we have a big PA system with us. Doesn't get any better than that.
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    Drum Talk | Cruise Ship Drumming - A Career at Sea

    I worked on cruise ships for 5 years, musically I liked it, you got to hone your skills in a variety of styles. The living conditions were another story, I just couldn't share a cabin anymore, no matter how much effort you put into making it work it just wears on you after awhile. You realize...
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    A short video of us playing this past Saturday

    Nice job! Good to see some bands getting out there and playing again.
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    Best Cover Ever?

    Stevie Ray Vaughn- Voodoo chile