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    Let's see your C&C Drums

    Ok, since I’ve now joined the elite ranks of C&C players I thought I’d post in this thread, even though last one is from over a year ago. 😂 My wife got me this kit as my Christmas gift. Over the moon about it, been gushing over C&C for at least 4 years so this really made my decade. Sound as...
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    any thoughts on SJC drums?

    That being said this might be a fun game to play when thinking about other drum companies. What kind of personality would a drummer have based on their choice of kit? For instance, I always associated Yamaha mostly with jazz guys, classy suit-wearing folks. Tama was for hard rock players. Long...
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    must know drum songs

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    Good drummer Films/Books for entertainment

    What about a memoir? Steve Gorman, formerly of The Black Crowes, has a memoir out called “Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of The Black Crowes.” HILARIOUS! And sad in some ways, you realize how they were pretty much doomed from the start. But I enjoyed it. There are some lessons there. Very...
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    What are current trends that you like?

    Seems like there’s a trend towards bigger crash cymbals lately. Like 19” and up. I also like the whole putting wacky stuff on your drums/cymbals for added effects. Sizzle chains, ching rings, string of jingle bells, etc. The burgeoning of small independent shops leaning towards vintage sounds...
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    Switching from Rock to Blues: Advice?

    Rock drummers lose dogs pretty often. So I’ve heard anyway. 🤣
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    Switching from Rock to Blues: Advice?

    I’m in a touring blues/blues-rock act myself. Most of the posters are right and have added a lot. What I can say is definitely relax in fills. Keep as deep a pocket and as reliable time as you can. I don’t think you have to be straight and non-emotional, leaving the emotional component to the...
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    Shuffle BPM cut-off

    So, just wondering what the consensus would be on the cut-off point for playing a shuffle beat instead of a 12/8 or 6/8. What tempo is too SLOW to play a shuffle beat. Or is it a non-sense question and other factors pertain to the groove applied?
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    Credibility with Drumming

    Sure it could be credible but how would anybody know? Paying to see a band is at least kind of concrete way of communicating the art this particular band produces is worth the time to and money to see. So good I’d actually spend money to see it. It’s ok to create art for the sole purpose of...
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    Credibility with Drumming

    You can’t control what others think of you, but you can influence opinions through your playing and ability to form relationships with other musicians. Being a good player is important and you have to be competent at your craft, but that’s only one factor. Be a professional and develop a good...
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Matt Tecu. Started more in punk/hard rock but does a lot of session work in LA. Toured with Janiva Magness for a few years. Has been playing with Sam Morrow lately, he’s also the drummer for the Echo in the Canyon band and documentary. JJ Johnson. Played with Doyle Bramhall II, John Mayer...
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    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    If I said Meg White is that too on the nose?
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    Played an old Rogers a few weeks ago

    Just some fun gear-nerd talk: Had a gig at this venue in Clarksdale, MS that had an old Rogers for the house kit. Was in shabby condition sadly, but still a joy to play. Kick drum especially sounded great. I wish I had a little more time with it to tune and do some maintenance, but I’m just glad...
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    Do you plan on buying yourself anything drum-related for Christmas?

    Getting a kit built. C&C PD2 in gray glitter. Nit exactly my “dream kit”, because they make higher end models, but those wouldn’t be in my budget. But it’s definitely my dream company. Been into C&C for a few years now finally going to have one of those, pretty much thrilled beyond belief right now.
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    Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant cymbal set - demo video

    Killer man. I have an Agop 22” medium rideand 19” dark crash in my set up right now. Great cymbals. I’m working on total Istanbul overhaul and the XIST line has definitley caught my eye.