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    AAX Powerbell

    Just got this today. Sabian got it to me in about 3.5 weeks. 22" AAX Powerbell. thatsa nicesa!
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    Here are some of my new additions this week. (EDIT) plus a picture of my kit with the cymbals now. my holy grail's of rides 22" 2002 rockbell ride 22" 3000 rude power ride a pair of 14" 3000 rude hihats 22" 2002 Rockbell...
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    Couple new Paiste Tasty's :)

    I now have these added to my paiste arsenal :) 20" Paiste alpha rock crash 19" paiste twenty series crash Videos on check them out.
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    Signature Power Ride - Reflector

    This is my second all time favorite ride :) 2002 22" rockbell is my favorite, but i can't get one. I have owned two of these before, so i know what to expect out of it. Ping, and a killer bell. It is a one trick pony as some of you say, but for lighter songs i use a lighter stick, and it...
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    Paiste Alpha's Vs Zildjian A Custom Rides

    Yesterday i went into a GC by me, cause i was bored. Wanted to see what kind of Paiste prototype rides they had. They had a 22" 2002 proto ride, with signature type lathing and "rock" nuematic hammering. Small bell, nice ping and wash, just wasnt for me. Anyways, so i'm walking around hitting...
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    Alchemy and Istanbul site.....

    Both are down. wonder if they are donig maintenance. hmmm thats odd they would let that happen.
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    Alchemy Site is down

    I know they are part of Istanbul AGOP, but why would they let their website go down. Hmmmm
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    if you could name a cymbal company?

    If you could start your own cymbal company,what would you name it? Odd topic i know, but you can dream right?
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    my AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride...arrived

    Just got it minutes upload soon to follow. Great bell, nice stick defintion with a slight ping, great wash, aax's best ride cymbal for sure. <----video sample just uploaded minutes ago. hopefully it works by the time you click it, if...
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    watch out everyone.....

    Stagg is going to take over the world, just like china! I went to another store today and they had TONS of stagg and ALL of them sounded great. The SH hihats are very nice and crisp and have a great half open shimmer to them. The DH raw ride was sweet! nice wash, nice stick definition...
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    my rock crashes

    All my new paistes Here are all the cymbals i got literally within the last half hour.
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    Wanted rides....wanted badly!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, i have broken, i've been talking about my favorite rides by paiste, now i want one or both back. 22" 2002 Rock Bell Ride 22" Sig Reflector power ride or 22" Dimensions Power bell ride PM me or email at...
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    Sabian prototypes

    Anyone here order a specific Sabian ride prototype or anything else? I have a 22" AAX Prototype Power Bell Ride on order and was just curious to peoples experiences with sabian customs. thanks
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    My new TRX's have arrived...

    Here is a picture of my new TRX"s. Received them today from TRX themselves. The hihats sound incredible. Very crispy and with great stick definition. Very much like A zildjian hihats, quick beats/newbeats type sound. The DRK crash is full and as you guessed it a bit dark sounding. BRT is a...