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    College to study drum set and something else

    Peter Erskine is at USC.
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    History of Jazz - Drum Kit

    The above image was posted on a fountain pen subreddit I follow. This is some study notes for a history of Jazz test the poster will take. Kind of a curiosity to see how some people teach what drums are. The book knows what "dropping bombs" is, but calls snare comping, 'fills'?
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    Anyone ever been to the Funk Music Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH?

    Will be there in April. My brother plays guitar and he said he got a kick out of it. The owner gave his friend and him a tour.
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    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    I have two full kits as backup.
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    How do you count?

    Quarters at minimum. Subdivide more the slower the tempo. Yes. whatever note gets the beat. Count down beats. Say it with intent. Conversation volume should be fine. Never stop counting during practice. Doesn't have to be every exercise since you wont count out loud when playing live.
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    If the OP was coherent and actually said the name of the person he interviewed he would have been received well. Instead he barged into the door screaming nonsense.
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    must know drum songs

    Bang on the Drum All Day
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    Annoyed by how people treat gear at music stores.

    Sometimes I go to the GC drum room and just fart.
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    New Orleans Style Drumming

    I did lots of 2nd line playing in college jazz band. Played with everyone here besides the trumpet player with the red shoes, bass drummer, and tuba player. The guy in the Bucs hat and the other trumpet player were my instructers. I should scan in some of the patterns I have...
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    Good drummer Films/Books for entertainment

    You can see Rainn Wilson drumming naked in 'The Rocker'.
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    Stupid things people have said or asked you about playing drums while gigging

    In HS the Jazz Band toured local grade schools. I was playing a blue Yamaha. A kindergartner asked if the drum set was blue.
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    Interview to teach at School of Rock

    Teaching technique in a song context should be incredibly easy. Mostly due to the fact that the student has context within the song. Maybe don't go super specific grip or stroke type things.
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    A Modern Day Touring Drummer's Gear Requirements...Holy Smokes!

    I always assumed that was for tuning and not tamber.
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    New to the Drum World

    1. Practice 2. Play with Others 3. Realize "drummer" is a dead and dying profession unable to support you financially and very few people can make a living out of it.
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    Josh Dion & Paris Monster: Interesting

    Good drummer. Never heard anyone use so many words to say so little in his Drumeo video though.