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    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    It is kinda Purplish. Not as heavy though. Maybe Deep Purple Lite, or Diet Purple. Not bad stuff at all.
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    Bass drum reso color

    I like a white reso on a dark colored kit and a black reso on a light colored kit. I like the contrast between light/dark out front. For tom resos I prefer clear regardless of color.
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    PDP Concept Maple vs. Sonor SQ2

    Winner in sound and price:
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    Why Is This Ludwig Classic Maple So Cheap?

    Did you win?
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    what will remove Zultan logos on current cymbals?

    Try toothpaste and a toothbrush. Seriously it works usually.
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    What do you think is more worthwhile: transcribing and learning entire drum solos OR stealing particular licks from solos and perfecting them?

    It is, and I agree with this. But rudiments and scales arent the same. I differentiate the two because there are folks who think the rudiment tells you what to play, like gotta play a paradiddle here, a 5 stroke roll there. This is simply not the case. However, knowing what notes sound good...
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    Vox's new Telstar Maple kit

    All I ever think of when I see these kits:
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    Advice sought - loose air grommets on Yamaha BCA’s…

    Perhaps you can find some proper thickness/diameter circlips to put between the vent and shell on the inside.
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    Gear you wished existed...

    ...everybody walk the dinosaur! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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    Gear you wished existed...

    Oh geez, now we want Alexa to set our gear for us?
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    2021 NAMM Drum Gear

    If you get one of each of the tiny Sonor kits, you can have 8/10/12/13/14 toms with 14/16/18 kicks. That would be super fun. A micro monster for metal. The extra 13 could go on the left, and you have 3 snares for low, medium, and high tuning. This sounds quite appealing actually.
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    Are you still happy?

    All I know is whenever I go anywhere (hardly at all), if I need to wear a mask for more than 15 minutes I need to chew some gum. I brush my teeth beforehand, but after a certain amount of time it starts to smell like hot breath inside the mask and I find that gross. I'm not sure if it's the...
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    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    Totally. The patterns take on a different feel when played fast, almost like a rolling feel. They also sound different. If you dont practice it at speed, you cant play it at speed. Things become different. Breathing comes into play. Techniques must change as you said. Stick heights must be...
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    What are you doing right now?

    More or less. While it is vastly overlooked anymore, bootlegger (alcohol transportation) laws still exist here. One cannot legally buy in a wet county or state and drive it to a dry county, even for personal use. Everyone in northern Benton county up till recently would go to Missouri...