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    Evidence on "Virgin or Drilled" - Or: May the Support Be With You!

    I like to see a nice big rack up top.
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    Help with Vibration eliminating E-Drum-Riser

    That's not mine, only a picture. I dont know how effective it is, but they get mentioned for apartment ekits a lot.
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    With me, drinking only leads to more drinking. Only do I stop after 1 of 2 things: 1. I pass out 2. I run out of alcohol and no one will drive me to get more It flips some kind of switch. There is no enjoyment, only constant consumption. I usually wake up the next day not remembering anything...
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    Help with Vibration eliminating E-Drum-Riser

    Something like a tennis ball drum riser should help.
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    Talk about your first bass drum pedal upgrade

    I feel like the idea is there. There havent been any new design concepts, its all still basically lever and pulley. Alas, I do agree though, horrible pedal design.
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    Where are you technically supposed to sit on your throne?

    I remember looking at that thing and thinking WHAT? It was in an issue of MD and it had Bob explaining the purpose of the Drum Frame. It made sense but I never got to try one. After 30 years of being level I don't think I'd want to now.
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    As a non drinking alcoholic, I find it fascinating that some of y'all can have a drink without wanting another for like 6 months, and can talk as in depth about alcohol as this thread is without wanting to get sloshed. My brain doesnt work like that with alcohol so I find it quite amazing.
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    Talk about your first bass drum pedal upgrade

    And some of us started with stuff like this: If you can play great on any pedal, why not just buy this? It's only $16.
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    Talk about your first bass drum pedal upgrade

    I went through a pile of cheap pedals before getting a late 80s/early 90s Gibraltar double in 93. It was my first "real" pedal. Before then it was crap pedals on 2 drums. I've been through and played on numerous pedals, and I always come back to the round cam. I dont need 12457900 adjustments...
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    Muffeling weirdness

    I had a super buzzy snare that just wouldn't shut up. I put packing peanuts in it. That killed everything. I put bandaids at either end of the wires. It helped some. I took medical tape and bound the wires together at the ends. The bandaids worked better. I tried numerous different types of...
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    Has anybody blown or know how to fix a condenser microphone?

    Are you good at disassembly of electronics, soldering wires and components, and reassembling electronics? If yes, find your mics schematics. If no, get a new one. If it's just the cord, find the short and splice it.
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    Hot dang I know what that is! Yes that's what we call them here. I had no idea about the liquor.
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    Is it just me?

    We opened for Deicide and I was right behind the center stage security guard. I only had a double pedal at the time so he got the full brunt of my feet. He was literally like 2' in front of me. I remember feeling kinda bad for him. And I didn't care for being up front either.
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    Stolen Drums

    I see. I've played a handful of gigs in LR, Vinos specifically.
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    What's your kit profile?

    Last time it was left/right/equal. Now it's the groover.