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    Looking for a tall snare stand

    I dont remember when, but seems I've heard someone mention putting the snare basket in a cymbal stand tripod to make it taller.
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    Can't take PDP seriously somehow

    Hey @Fritz Frigursson do you still feel the same way about PDP now almost 2.5 years later as you did when you started the thread? I have 2 of their stands and a lightweight throne. I like the stands just fine. The throne becomes uncomfortable after a couple hours. I have no experience with...
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    CB 700

    I had these in silver around april 92: That tom mounting system is something else. It's super bouncy, and you gotta keep tightening the screws or the thing will fall. I decided to paint my kit black. It turned out awesome because the silver was just a foil on the wood and a clear wrap on top...
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    Share your most embarrassing on stage moments

    Had one where my kick pedal driveshaft kept falling off because I lubed up my pedal and got some on the tab where the shaft connects. I had to reattach it between every song. So after each song everyone would stare at me until I said go. Another time we were asked to fill in for Sick of it All...
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    Drilling Cymbals

    Use a step bit, not a hole saw. A step bit is made specifically for making holes in thin metal. The teeth on a hole saw can catch the edge of the metal as it gets through the metal and bind, especially if you are dealing with a cracked surface. Step bit:
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    A different perspective, I suppose

    Use your OCD to determine what torque setting on the drill matches your drum dial setting. Your welcome lol.
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    Member generosity

    I heard it was gonna be in 3D.
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    A different perspective, I suppose

    Is this seriously a thing? People who only collect that are snooty to actual drummers? Like they have room to say anything.
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    Pearl P1030 Eliminator or Redline ?

    Bearings, beater, no independent footboard adjustment, only 1 cam, different spring perch, and $100. I'd get the P1030 honestly.
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    Pearl P1030 Eliminator or Redline ?

    I considered buying a double of this pedal, but found my current pedal practically brand new for $100 so I couldn't say no. I literally went to the store to order the pedal and mine was sitting on the counter.
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    Member generosity

    I'm pretty sure the "member generosity" Art is referring to has to do with the movie Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson made.
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    Pearl P1030 Eliminator or Redline ?

    No big deal. The Redline is just a more luxurious version of the P1030. If you like the Redline, you would most likely enjoy the P1030 as well. You just need to sort out whether or not you need all the extras the Redline has that the P1030 does not. I bought a pair of Eliminators when they...
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    Pearl P1030 Eliminator or Redline ?

    The Redline is an Eliminator pedal. It swaps between 4 cams, it Power Shifts, it has unlimited angle adjustments, it has ninja bearings, it has a removable traction plate, and it has a quad beater. It's even called the Redline Eliminator. The P1030 is simpler. It has a beater angle adjustment...
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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    Awesome, looks fantastic! As a proponent of drilling holes in drums if needed, I think this is spectacular.
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    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    My bass player and I hung out at the merch table during the show. The girl at their merch table knew their whole show word for word. She would say it, then they would say it. Everything about their show was rehearsed. They closed the show with The Glory of Achilles. That's a pretty tough song.