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    Free Flowing Practice

    Jamming=playing=experimenting=searching=noodling on the drums. Just applying what you’ve learned to your style. Put the books away now and learn to play to music.
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    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    I’m surprised that”Top Secret” band didn’t play their instruments upside down, just to keep the movie’s overall themes! 😆😆😆
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    Talent level and band option

    Uh, guess not: Very good and excellent (but none have requested I use a double pedal to play faster.) I suppose any chart reader would be a”better” musician than I am.🤧
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    Talent level and band option

    So the answer is when the guitarist can play odd times but the drummer can’t? Sounds like a song choice/ genre/counting practice thing...especially if the guitarist has been playing odd times as a favorite music choice for a long time and the drummer hasn’t. But can the guitarist suggest...
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    Talent level and band option

    Curious....🤔When is a guitarist better than the drummer? Is it a speed thing, song choice thing, time keeping thing, what? If you can cover Hendrix’ , Page’s, or Clapton’s songs are you,as a drummer, their “equal?”🤔
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    Peavy radial pro 1000

    So...those are “free-floating?”
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    Vintage Camco 5000 Pedal Strap Length

    Evidently they’re same as DW 5000:
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    Bonham Triplets for gigging?

    If I play music with triplets I’ll use them, Bonham’s or not.
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    The argument for out-of-sequence toms

    BJ Wilson of Procol Harum set up reversed order toms too...
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    Push pull and weak finger control.

    You have to get rid of that left hand wobble first, so use your wrist and not your fingers. And do left singles ‘til the strokes are straight down and comfortable. Then use your fulcrum fingers doing the same thing, bouncing the stick. Your hand will eventually grab the stick on the rebound...
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    Neural pathways: Activate!

    I had a recent neural pathways/ left hand awakening playing along with “Manic Depression” and discovering all kinds of patterns!
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    Switching Bass Drum Hoops: Depth

    Hoops’ depth makes little to no difference as long as they’re wood. Replacing plastic ones with wooden ones you’ll need “claws.”
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    The Music Uniform

    I guess gold lamee pantsuits are a big “NO!” 😆😆😆
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    Playing along with cd

    You need a stereo output of more than 50 w / speaker, speakers at ear height behind you each side, wear earmuff-type protection and you’re good to go. Drums alone should sound “gated” then you know protection works.