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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    Thanks for the info and suggestions, I’ll check those out. Definitely seems like the route I’ll need to go
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    Great question and answers. Playing hard rock and heavy metal I’ve had a lot of issues with properly hearing the rest of the band. I always ask for more more more in my wedge monitor, but once the band kicks off it turns to white noise. Larger stages are a little better. We’re saving up for...
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    brass snare

    I agree that brass snares are are little more tricky to dial in. I'm still experimenting with the one I just got. So far a mid range tuning seems to suit my liking the best with the current Vintage Emperor head I had laying around. Cranked high it has very little sustain, but each drum is...
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple 6-Piece Shell Pack with Free 8 in. Tom Satin Deep Cherry Burst | Guitar Center Bearing edge
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    Bring back Big Sizes!

    I feel your pain. My next kit will probably have to be some special order unless I get really lucky and find something used (I want big and small drums). Maybe just 8/10/12/16/24. Last time I was in my local drum shop I loved the technology of the drums, but none of them came close to my...
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    Yes. What you are describing is a result of the 30 degree bearing edge. More shell resonance, less head resonance, overall less sustain.