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    Checking out a friends new studio

    Hi guys! Me and couple of friends recently made a cover of Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban at my friends new studio. We only made one take, the bass player sang while he was playing the bass (which he normaly does not do :) ) and it was all just for fun, so dont put too much into this okay...
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    Really nice jam..!

    Hi guys! Just came across this on Youtube. Dont know much about this band but the jam they are having here is worth a study. Enjoy:)
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    Just dance by Lady Gaga Dirty Loops style

    I don`t know anything about these guys other than whats apparent to all: They`re great musicianes..!!
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    Jeff Porcaro signature drumsticks

    Have any of you guys and dolls any experience with Jeffs signature sticks? Will they make me play like Jeff...? Haha just kidding:) How are JP`s sticks compared to the 5A`s and 5B`s from Vic Firth I`m using today? G
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    Extrodinary drummer bassist relationships

    I`m sorry if this subject already has been a thread on this forum. Here is one example of a cooperation between bass and drums that really makes the song happen. Geir
  6. M it looks like I`m a better drummer when I`m drunk

    Hi peeps! Went to a jam last weekend to perform a couple of songs with this Keith Urban cover band I just started. The performance went really well and lots of people who are really really great musicians complimented me on my playing. They approached me, not the other way around. And they...
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    How much are great session drummers getting paid?

    Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys think that session aces like John "Jr" Robinson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jim Keltner, Josh Freese, Chris McHugh etc are getting paid for doing a record or a gig? FP
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    Bold statement: Best cover of Come Together ever!

    This is so well played. It puts a big smile on my face everytime i hear it. Enjoy!
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    How do I develop a driving beat?

    This is a great example of how to make a groove happen even though its tempo is not that fast. Do you guys have any thoughts on how to develop this ability? Greetings from Norway :)
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    Sylvain Luc and Steve Gadd

    A couple of years ago I went to a concert with the french guitarist Sylvain Luc, Richard Bona on bass and Steve Gadd on drums. I was really looking forward to see Gadd live since it was a first time experience for me. Well it was big fun seeing Gadd live but who really outshined his this...
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    Need tips on earplugs with good isolation for Iphone

    1. Do you guys have any suggestions for what concernes the title of my post? I have downloaded a metronome app called Tempo 2 to my Iphone so that I can use this app when I`m rehearsing or doing a gig, and in that case I need at set of earplugs that isolates very well. 2. If some of you have...
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    Need help with this fill..

    Hey guys. Some friends and I just started sort of a tribute band to Keith Urban and other Nashville artists we really enjoy listening to. We are doing a cover of Keith Urbans Days go by. At the end of this song Chris McHugh (a killer drummer!!) does this really cool fill. Can any of you guys...
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    21st Century Schizoid Man

    Listen to this version by the Norwegian band Shining. The drummer Torstein Lofthus is easily the most talented drummer I have heard in many many years. Enjoy!
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    Gotta love this! Amazing band and an amazing drummer!

    Some of you metal heads :) on this forum may have heard of the Norwegian band Shining. They play a mixture of black metal and jazz.. Im not a fan of black metal but this band is so amazing that as a musician you just gotta respect what they are doing. The drummer is Torstein Lofthus. I have...
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    Where is that deeply felt groove gone?

    I put on James Taylors cd Live today to listen to some really nice songwriting and Carlos Vegas beautiful grooves. Then it struck me that none of the up and coming players of today are having a groove that really moves you emotionally. Cats like Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Steve Gadd and Steve...