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    When do you retire a pair of sticks? (No breaks)

    If I'm playing lots of heavier gigs, they break before they wear out., so they're replaced when they break. If I'm playing lots of lighter gigs, then it's when the tips get fuzzy.
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    Gong Hi Hats

    Seems like something Terry Bozzio would use.
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    Will a very small port in a bass drum reso help w batter head flutter?

    The DW thing, where they have small ports around the edge of the reso head helps with this too.
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    Stick Experimentation Disease?

    This is exactly where I ended up. You lose some durability, but they still last a long while for medium volume stuff. I'm afraid things would get expensive if I was playing more gigs where I need to really lay into it.
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    Ian Paice MK1 Era

    I don't know for sure what's Paice is playing at 24/25, but what I hear is 3 hits. Snare, High tom, Floor tom. To me that makes the most sense, and it's what I would likely play if no one told my any different.
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    What cost you more? Your gear or your lessons?

    The real question is, have you made more money playing music than you spent on the equipment you used to play those gigs?
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    I've had good luck with this -TACKFORM Tablet Mount It mounts nicely to a bass drum hoop or a cymbal stand.
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    What brand of drums - you have never owned but would love to .

    Gotta love the 10" & 14" toms mounted on a boom arms.
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    Sweet treat?

    There some really fantastic drumming on Desolation Boulevard. Mick Tucker is definitely on my underrated rock drummers list.
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    Practise routine problems - first post

    I spend at least that much time warming up with rudiments BEFORE I start practicing!
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    4PC,5PC,6PC KIT ?

    I think you can cover about 98% of most songs with a 4-piece kit, but I'll play anything from 2 to 6 piece kit if that's what I need.
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    My new Caviotto is very snarey

    Yes exactly. In my case there were a few wires on the outside that were a bit off. Initially I thought this was because the snares where not "square", but when I flipped the drum over and disengaged the throw-off, it was obvious the snare wires needed to be replaced because those wires stuck out...
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    My new Caviotto is very snarey

    Possibly, but it's also VERY easy to mess up the wires. In any case, it takes two seconds to determine if the wires are the issue. Just turn the drum over and have a look!
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    My new Caviotto is very snarey

    My guess is, there's at least one snare wire that is slightly bent and that's what's causing the excessive buzz. Just had this exact issue with one of my snares. Replace the wires!
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    The 2nd kit you had

    My second kit was a mid to late 70's Pearl fiberglass kit, when they still had the Roger's style tom arms on their kits. I bought the pieces of the kit over a couple of years, but eventually it was 6, 8, 10, 12 concert toms, 13, 14, 16 double headed toms, and two 22 bass drums. It was a lot of...