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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    Love it, though all I can see is a disembodied head and two hands....
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Never found it an issue and still don't. I'm only 6ft and play a Sonor Phonic Plus 22" BD with the square toms, and basically the same tom mount design.
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Very good drums and that price is a bit of a steal really. I don't have any issues with the tom sizes.
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    Warped Hoops

    If it's the top hoop that is warped then it can be replaced very cheaply.
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    Chrissy Lee, extremely talented jazz drummer from the UK and from well before female drummers were even really a thing.
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    He's recorded with his own band, granted it's similar music but with different musicians (it's not that great an album to be honest!).
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    And if you listen to Hell Ain't A Bad Place to Be the tuning is very obvious, as the guitars aren't even nearly in tune with each other or themselves!
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    5 Drums in 1: Zikit System w/British Drum Co. Snare

    It's a solution desperately in search of a problem...
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    Sonor Signature snare

    It'll have a c1mm rolled and welded shell. I've got a SY1406, which is the 6 inch deep version. Beautiful drums but not worth as much as the Ferro-Mang steel or beech/birch wood Signature drums.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    Only a couple of bits, the main hardware differs, it's just some random bits. Worth noting as well that the original Yamaha Power V kit with the rubber bits on the tom mount and BD spurs is actually an APK in a slightly different frock and one inch shallower toms.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    We're kind of both right; the last 1006 catalogue appearance is 1987 as it was superseded as soon as the long lug APK/XPKs arrived by the 1026.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    There are some interesting Yamaha bits on Premier kits of the era. The 3000/4000 cymbal stands are a good example of this. They're Yamaha cymbal stands but with Premier specific legs. The bottom assembly of APK/XPK/Projector etc of that period bass drum spur is also shared with the Yamaha 8000...
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    They are the originals, they look like Yamaha ones as they first appeared when Yamaha owned Premier. A lot (though by no means all) of the kit hardware was derived from Yamaha stuff.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    That's a mid 80's drum from lugs and badge, a 1006 from the original version of the APK, which had split speedboat lugs. Nice drums.
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    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    Agreed, Sharon is likely the only reason Ozzy's stayed alive long enough to have a legacy beyond BS.